Trading With Timothy Sykes – Review From a 2 Year Subscriber

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IS IT WORTH IT?! Timothy Sykes Review

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Bogdan George Dumitrescu says:

thank you very much for posting this!

Ahmed Moustafa says:



SYKES is a c*cksucking FRAUD!!!

T M PH says:

Thanks, very informative and a lot of details!

Storm-Traders says:

I know him, he is a massive douche, obnoxious and arrogant and if you ask him a question he never answers the question directly but forwards you to his support team or next dvd. But besides that, he is the only one that is real and gives out amazing data that helps other traders.

Jeremy Baybayan says:

Thanks for posting bro. I blew my account last year short selling and I have had this one year to reflect on it. I haven't shorted anything since and I dont plan too at all. However, I do want to learn more about technical analysis. Any recommendations where I can learn?

Jeffrey Spina says:

thanks for you input

MC G says:

If you're looking to learn about long term, swing trading, then Tim's not really the person to learn from. Learning how to trade Penny Stocks and low float stocks is what he teaches. There are swing trading strategies associated with Penny Stocks, one of the Gurus, Superman, specializes in this. Yes, if you think this is a get rich strategy, then you will be disappointed.

Tim tells you right off the bat that this is not a get rich quick scheme, you will need to learn the basics first. It will take some time to learn how to trade, probably years, if you have no knowledge of trading. Very few traders achieve success quickly. Many people don't completely listen to what he says and will ask questions in the chat rooms and webinars that are easily answered when they actually take the time to study the video lessons. This is what irks both Tim and other traders who have taken the time to listen and learn. He also doesn't take too kindly to people who don't follow his rules, as well as those in the chat rooms who attempt to pump up stocks.

Tim is one of the best Gurus to learn from if you want to know how to trade safely and profitably. But you have to put in the time and listen to what you are being told.

Anthony Does Things says:

Great video, I found that watching Tim Sykes and taking notes with open was a great way to learn a lot of the key terms and phrases.

John Logan says:

Great video Daniel

Captain Beanbag says:

Great review, thank you

Calgary Pixels says:

Thank you for this!

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