Trading Your SILVER and GOLD for Cheap Assets (Once the System Fails)

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When silver and gold return to a potentially overvalued status, and many other assets will be potentially undervalued, what will you be buying?

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Stacker Noob UK says:

Hoping to snap up stocks and shares just after a crash in which the big money flows to PMs. Nice topic Matt.

edan mendelson says:

Food and housing if needed
gold, assests, and barter

BusyBeeCompany says:

Agree with debt, paid off my house…thankfully now that trump has knocked the mortgage tax relief on the head, also buy my cars with savings, won't buy on payments, even 0% cos you can never tell if you're going to have a bad month and then that 0% can go quickly to 20%…also 401k and another to follow it up…got my gold collection going on now for over 30 years and my silver for the last 10 years…it is a balance for Immediate needs and stash/collection feeding…not just stash but those silver and gold I like.

Jesse Zander says:

Debt is a visible and sometimes invisible anchor. Focus on your debt as that should be your priority. You are not entirely free until your debt is removed. As for silver…trade it for something which will produce a monetary return. It's dependant upon the market when you sell. Great video Matt and thank you again for keeping us stackers with many things to discuss!!

CCornelius says:

Don't sell Eagles, spend them.
Pursuant 31 U.S.C. Title 31 Subtitle IV Chapter 51 Subchapter II paragraph 5112(h), $1 is the lawful value reflecting the Silver Eagle's issuance and monetization as coinage. Silver Eagles are legal tender for all debts public and private at their face value. This value does not reflect intrinsic value, silver content, or Ag's spot price in Fed notes.

So what? I'll tell ya so what. Say I want to sell some real estate valued at, say, 200 grand. I can lawfully offer that land in trade for $200,000 in Fed notes, or just as lawfully exchange it for 13,202 Silver Eagle one dollar coins. That means I would pay ***zero***capital gains tax.

Or, say I'm a landlord who charges my renter $500. I tell him if he pays in Eagles, the rent is $400. Naturally, he would rather give me 26 Eagles, costing him 439 Fed notes to buy. So, my reportable income is not $500 but $26.

Beady-eyed, anal retentive, Hell bound little IRS sociopaths might hate it, but nonetheless one can have totally above-board receipts documenting the transaction. One can truthfully sign an affidavit swearing that one received $26. Insidious, deceitful, traitorous, wanton IRS parasites would have to rebut the affidavit, which they can't.

Matthew Aarness says:

Silver. Silver . Silver.
It's our power. Leave the gold alone. Leave the copper . Leave the Platinum. Leave the nickel.

Silver is the vulnerable spot on the dragon. Aim for silver and bring smaug down.

jakeizlove says:

Seems like one would be better off in another country if the system fails. It's not like there'll be any doctors, cops, infrastructure, etc…

River City MOVERS says:

Yes, it is worth it to pay off one's mortgage with silver for the dollar shall be inflated so much, you will be paying debt with dollars that have been devalued so, so much.

River City MOVERS says:

Our plan is to buy a Four-Plex and rent out the units to provide an income for us in old age.
And buy a summer house somewhere in the North to escape hot Arizona summers. Finally. We wait.

Haze Gray says:

Another great video Matt. Many things factor in. Health, age. The person who has adult children and grandchildren living with them have different needs than the person who lives alone. We are all afloat on the same lake, in different boats.

C. Shearer says:

Currently my plan if to use my Silver & Gold as a tax free way of transferring some wealth to my son. If things in the system go sideways, hopefully the metals will help us maintain a comfortable standard of living.

Jed Phykitt says:

If “the poop hits the fan” and they do have a global currency reset, I did plan on selling the larger rounds and bars back to the banks for whatever currency is established (eg.blockchain) Hopefully at 1000 to 1.
10ths & grams (silver) for barter during the transition. (MadMax)
Btw I own my house (no mortgage) You mentioned a possible confiscation – now that’s a scary thought. ?

D Rock 75 says:

Since I'm disabled and poor the only thing I'll probably ever use my silver for is food, water, ammo, or inheritance if there's no need for those things.

Mark Jones says:

Silver will be worthless if the "system" collapses

billp4 says:

Remember the guy on Office Space? "Two chicks at the same time."

Thomas Lee Callahan says:

ramble – "you know" speech impediment

Adam Rose says:

Ya cause im sure the gov wont slap a nice capital gains tax on you. NEVER SELL. Borrow against assets. buy income producing property, and pay off your debt with profits.

thedreamerisme says:

It's also interesting to think that one could have bought 16 ounces of gold with one Bitcoin in December 2017.

Zccaria Smith says:

I got my Constitutional silver for day to day and food. Then I wld buy land and houses with the .999 Silver. My Gold is Transfer over of Wealth to my kids. Been stacking almost 3 yes now. I feel Comfortable with being a lil over 400 Oz's.

Free Dirt says:

This comment section reminds me how bitcoin people used to talk. They still do sometimes. Just being honest, don't ever put all your eggs in one basket.

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