Trump is right that market sell-off is the Fed’s fault: Expert

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Greg Ip, WSJ chief economics commentator, and William Barnett, Kansas University professor of macroeconomics, discuss how the Fed raising interest rates impacts the stock market.


Donald Scott says:

William Barnett has the mad-scientist look down!

Shannon Kendrick says:

How many people who selloff in droves are amateurs like me? I bet more than professionals. That's my opinion. I could be way wrong because I'm an amateur lol

Never Yield says:

I will stay in stocks no matter what happens and I like a correction every once in a while. It's healthy.

Simon Muzib says:

What a shameless puppet show going on, where the Americans and their elected president freak out if a market which went up 300% in last decade goes down by 3% in a day and they start blaming the Fed…..hahahahaha….

Rice Crash says:

So market goes up, it’s Trump thats done it, market goes down it’s the Fed. Job number calculations are fake under Obama, job numbers calculations are real under Trump. GDP of 4.2 % under Trump is a record, GDP of 5% under Obama is a one off. Are we seeing the pattern yet ? Trump does not understand how tariffs work. All he knows is lying and the con. Trump is a fool, he is a moron and he has never taken responsibility for anything negative in his life.

D Mo says:

I don't see why people are so worried about interest rates. We all know the fed has to keep interest rates relatively low so the government doesn't implode. Is the bond market really that attractive at this point?

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