[Tuesday Market Intel Brief] Fade the Putin Vaccine? CHY na Saber Rattles, FAAGM Powers SPX

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Graham Oldfield says:

IMO China is playing the USA ,,, Watch ,Watch ,Watch us get ready to take Taiwan ,,, then you will see something different like kicking Apple out or kicking out the Casino . You can bet they will have dirt on Apple say using slave Labour .. What does Trump or Biden do ??? not support Apple or be seen to support a SLAVE using company ??? Imagine the far left and BLM groups react to Modern day SLAVE accusations against APPLE … Then the US stockmarket may implode just before the Election or Christmas ,,,,, and of coarse China announces it has a vaccine that is 90% successful , that makes the world want it and they are the suppliers . In October Life gets interesting on the stock market ,especially in a close election year . Get your popcorn ready and learn from Wiz .Money to be made ,so who do you want on your side Wiz or the Pizza delivery man ?

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