Turning $500 into $500’000 Trading Stocks! Investing For Beginners

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How I make money every time in the stock market, stock advice for investors.

Swing Trading 3 in 1 Course https://zedmonopoly.webnode.com
Online business 4 in 1 https://zedmonopoly.webnode.com

Day Trading Stocks for beginners https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_prLF73_YMk

Weekly Stock Alerts https://www.patreon.com/zaidkur

Instagram @Simplyzedd


Stocks are volatile and you can lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing, my video’s are for education purposes only and don’t take this as the final say without doing more research.



Zed Monopoly says:

Here's $5 off my courses https://www.zedmonopoly.com/

Obviously guys you can't control the market, if we go through a crash or an economical break down then obviously that will effect your portfolio and any hedge fund . In A healthy market this will keep you sane and profitable.

Kay Flip says:

lol why do you need a pateron account?

sweet tni says:

You can go to yogyakarta, Indonesia and teach me how to be successful… Thank you…

Rajeet Chand says:

Anybody could tell me what screeners are good for day trading. I watched the videos talking about NASDAQ.com ,but those stocks are just too expensive starting out.

Me Spooka says:

What trading platform do you use?

You never seem to mention it..

Chase Grieser says:

Robinhood is the perfect app for beginners and those who already invest in stocks. Zero fees and you can get a free stock by using this link. Get started without investing any money! https://share.robinhood.com/chaseg299

Mitchell Hu says:

hey zed you see YECO??

Jamie Enciso says:

I know you've been busy and bombarded with e-mails, but thank you for always replying (and fairly quickly at that) because it really has been absolutely helpful!

LazyInfantry says:

Just a question, on this channel you video is in such amazing locations, and "prestigious suites" but on your other videos its in your flat? Dyou only film your stocks and business content in these places? Love what you do BTW keep on inspiring xx?

B. GangsTa says:

where can I go to start trading

chris walker says:

What sites do you use when u search for your penny stocks?

Édouard. Clément. says:

Mr Jordan's strategy really mollifies losses. Just got to confirm my seventh successful trading turnout of £48,740 few minutes ago

yudha ibrahiem says:

Come on Zed…. Bali is nice…
Visit there sometime.. you will love it ??

mr lotfy says:

essalamo alaikom dear zed,It is 00:15,today I were really busy, I take advantage of these last minutes to watch the video and comment so thank you for all I'm proud of you my brother zed good luck ,I love you dear brother zed.

kik lil says:

Thanks ?

Dhul Qarnayn says:

Dude is a legend. Keep up the great work bro

Erhanator11 30 says:

In which City do you live zed?

Nkemcalistus Chimezie says:

Pls hw do I register on the demo acct to practice?

Faye Lawson says:

Just curious! I have seen less than 1% of traders show trading account withdrawals…..

BangladeshiBoy 101 says:

Too much bathtubs?

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