Turning £95 into £664.50 via The DAX Strategy

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Although it took us some time to get there, and we sat through pull-back after pull-back as we waited, we eventually made it to target today banking a huge +7R and £664.50 via the DAX strategy in one single, mechanical trade.

In the above screen-recording you can watch the trade unfold, live, from opening the trade to hitting our take-profit. No guesses, no predictions. Literally all I did was sit, wait for the setup, take the trade, place my stop and target, and walk away…

It just goes to show yet again that when you have a statistically proven price-point to trade to and rules in-place, all you have to do is follow them – No emotion, guesses or predictions – The edge does the rest.

…And if you’ve learned my DAX strategy, as it’s mechanical and rule-based, you’ll know exactly why I entered where I did, exactly why my stop was where it was, and exactly why our target was where it was.

If you’re new to the way I trade, I use mechanical rule-based strategies, or in other words I wait for my setup to form, I place the trade and walk away. Set and forget.

What amazes me is that so many traders out there don’t even know this way of trading exists, they think you have to guess, predict and blindly hope for the best when trading, whereas I look for repeating price patterns and setups within markets and before ever placing a trade I test these, often going back through the charts by-hand across years of data and I prove that the setup offers an opportunity to profit regularly by building statistics on the performance of each setup and when this is done, I then implement rules, create a strategy and trade the setup/s.

This is exactly what you’ll see me doing in the above video;

Our setup occurs giving us an entry, a place to put our stop and a place for our take-profit, and all we do from there is take the trade and sit on our hands.

Genuinely, trading CAN be this easy…

If you have any questions, please comment below.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for watching!

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Fred Archer says:

Hi Wil, another great video thank you .I would like to learn to trade your stratergy , but I would be concerned about using stops that appear to be very tight.Do you mind being kind enough to say why your choice of stop size is tight.Thank you

Goodmore Magiya says:

Hi Will. I'm still a beginner 2 weeks in trading, please explain in detail the DAX strategy. Would really appreciate it

Prasy Kris says:

The strategy sounds very interesting. What platform do you trade on?

HD4K Flight Reviews says:

Just wondering when trading a mechanical system like this what how much draw down you would be prepared to go into before stopping. I know you will of back tested etc but let's say you get maximum pain and looser one after the other? Is there a % when you stop or trust the system and if means a 0 in your account so be it?

Liam Callaghan says:

Thanks will annoyed that I closed early couldn't wait any longer for target thought we would come back down. I'm trying but good to finally be making money with your strategy!!

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