U.S. Debt Bomb Exacerbating Stock Market Panic!

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Stuart Varney FBN Interviews Jim Rickards 02.08.2018
James Rickards, Chief Global Strategist, Meraglim
Predictive Analytics https://www.meraglim.com

Interview Topics:
U.S. Debt Bomb: 105% to GDP Ratio
Why are interest rates really going up?
Rising Deficit | Stock Sell Off | Market Crash
Got Gold? The Third Great Gold Bull Market
Why BITCOIN is going away

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666axis999- prohecy alpha-iota-omega says:

fall of Babylon

Douglas Thompson says:

He talked so fast I'm not sure what the heck he said!

Paulo says:

You are so wrong…

KingJustice98 says:

Gold bugs think the internet and international trade will disappear overnight. Gold simply can't be transferred digitally to buy goods and services with encryption in a matter of minutes. This is why Bitcoin is more relevant.

Mister M. M says:

Rickards doesn't have ANY CLUE about block chain or cryptos! What a goof ball! Everything else was intact. He should stick to saving silver shiny knickels.

Ahsen Shah says:

His generation won't ever understand Cryptocurrency and just write it off as a fad as they did with Email and the Internet.

david velasquez says:

Make America an employee owned country

Vivian Whitten says:

I am enjoying Forex/binary option trade now unlike before, i lost so much on Forex/binary option and stock trading because of some fake Account Managers but ever since i contacted Frank Robert as my Account Manager i can tell you that losing has never known my doorstep anymore, i am earning more than i expected in every trade i make.

Michael Miller says:

Bitcoin in theory can only go as low as it costs to mine. I am 99.9% certain we will never see $200 btc again.

(If someone reads this in the future and it's at $200, please comment and tell me I was wrong)

Steve H says:

This guy is a fossil fuel of information, meaning out dated as fuck!

von volts says:

just print the money lmao, Really? That's the problem 2:21, they keep printing money left and right out of the blue, not backed by anything.

knpstrr says:

100% agree. Bitcoin is (essentially) worthless. The blockchain is very valuable.

MakeMoneyHobby.com says:


Money Man says:

America abt to collapse with 20 trillion dollars in debt !!!

blasteroid says:

the guts on these motherfuckers to call all crypto investors criminals. the whole reason why we're investing in crypto is because you are the "criminals" the real criminals. you know not buying and selling weed.. but opium farms, funding terrorism, arms deals to isis, human trafficking, false flags, dropping nukes on innocent people and then brainwashing a whole country to believe it was necessary. dude.. the banks and govt. are the criminals.. it's 2018.. we know that..

Archimedes says:

that clickbait tho . gold up 0.06% call in the experts gold is soaring

T Cole says:

Bitcoin will drop to $1350 before shooting to $25k

T Cole says:

OMG Bitcoin is for criminals lol…. Aren't they tired of being wrong yet? Isn't the number one currency of criminals cash? Dumbass

Billy Bang Bang says:

Grab your money, and run for life and head for the hills… and kiss your ass a jolly goodbye and good luck !?!

Randy Helton says:

Don't worry trump will just file bankruptcy on america and we can just start over lmao

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