U.S. Stock Market Crash Explained | Fabian Calvo

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This video was posted with permission from Fabian Calvo of http://Fabian4Liberty.com & http://FabianCalvo.me
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nafreehc says:

As QE continues and the dollar heads to zero, what would stop the Dow – measured in dollars – from going super nova just before it gets shut down?

clif high says:

fabian, go listen to Jim Sinclair on USAWatchdog on youtube of 8/26/2015. The PPT has lost control. They are shitting bricks, and sharp ones, and they are continuing to fail. What JS has keyed in to is that the confidence in central banksters has/is failing! Now we are in the shit, and hitting the whirling blades.

Sharon Brooks says:

Where is the link for the program in September?

greenhouse114 says:

In a nutshell, debt is being used as a trap to consolidate power.  The oligarchs will continue to manipulate the system, thieving behind the color of law, until they gain control similar to Dark Ages feudalism.  The New World Order is the old world order, repackaged, with new technological toys that would make old world tyrants green with envy.  See James 5:1-6.
Use your wealth to serve God today, to the best of your understanding and ability, for tomorrow, that service will be much more difficult.  Our future is full of greedy oligarchs, tyrants, and sociopath useful idiots who will sell out their fellow man to carry out that tyranny and collect their "thirty pieces of silver".

hew jorgen says:

i allways judge a truthfull clip like this by the trolls turning up lol    i agree with you calvo keep up the good work brother.

P Glenrothes says:

Sorry Fabian, your scattered, rambling opinions don't count as an explanation.
I'm not saying you are right or wrong, just that you haven't added understanding.

EyeWarnedYouB4 says:

Fabian…….if we are better "prepared" then we will be concerned/worried LESS.

Moo Ping says:

this guy makes my skin crawl

REDDAWN2016 says:

Sorry to hear about Lucky Fabian. I put my Doberman Bentley down 6 weeks ago. All the best!

drewbloom34 says:

Your rant makes no sense at all. You contradict yourself more times than I can count. You're calling for the Dow to hit 20,000 within a year or so but then you agree that the market is manipulated??? I think you need to re-watch this video and take notes at how nonsensical is actually is…

streetstylz says:

Keep dreaming Calvo! You'll never see 20,000 Dow. This is a Shemitah year and we're heading into a Jubilee. The mega crash that's coming this September will leaving you curled up in the fetal position crying for your Mamma.

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