Understanding Gaps in Trading – Part One

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This is a clip from one of our classes on gaps in trading. In it we specifically go over gap fills and a few gap & go strategies as well. We should have a part two coming sometime in the future. If you enjoy this video, don’t forget to like & subscribe for more day trading content!



By far one of my favorite video's brotha. Great job! Definitely a must watch for new traders!

Rishard Chapoteau says:

Did you guys stop selling classes? I get s 404 on the link in YouTube here.

itsyounmenoti says:

Feel free to repeat things over and over. Good teachers do that often. And it's like underlining an important point. That also alerts the learner that they should be paying attention. So thanks for repeating valuable info😉

itsyounmenoti says:

Oooh that's what gap fills are about. Thank you, John. You're a natural teacher! Much appreciated!

lucas ferguson says:

Thank you for this video!

Vi Cki Cepolski says:

Very good instructioanal video,thank you John.

DaCrisps says:

Brilliant video. Thank You. All them gurus out there selling this type of information for thousands must hate you.

goodjoeblack says:

This is excellent information. Very good trading video on you tube. Thank you!

goodjoeblack says:

Only 3mins in and Im giving it a like

sunil kumar saini says:

very nice

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