Understanding the price action in Crude Oil Trading (CL)

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Had so many people ask me how I figured out that CL would squeeze all the shorts up I did a video explaining the price action that led me to that conclution


Dewayne Smith says:

Trading with real money gets emotions involved.

Dewayne Smith says:

Gotta trade the trend.

61spindrift says:

My comment was uncalled for and I apologize. I did just finished listening to you and obviously you have some knowledge about the markets and trading price action. My bad…good luck!

61spindrift says:

Those who can…do…those who can't teach.

Anthony Roberts says:

Great Video, I found this very informative as I've been trying to analyse the best formula for me for day trading on this market. Can I possibly see live trading as I am a beginner currently using IG & TD Waterhouse for charting tools.

T F says:

Is it possible to see live trading please ? Are you a scalper, day trading working out the price action ? No fondamentals consideration for the Crude oil ?

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