Understanding The Pump and Dump – How (Some) Penny Stocks Hook You In

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A 4 step explanation on how Penny Stock pumps and dumps work. (explained)
Probability software for Penny stocks: http://hotstocked.com/hotstockedprecision-free3/v22


454ffv says:

i have a question. if ur fooled into buying penny stocks but at 10 cents or less per share and u buy a 1000 dollars worth, are you even losing money? because what are the chances that it will go lower than 10 cents? arent the people who first start out buying shares at very low prices in benefit because it is likely that it will always go up?

Angel Quinones says:

That's happen to me with encry i put in 600 dollars i was doing good in at the end i lost everything in sold for 30.00 dollars.

johnny appleseed says:

Great video!!!!!! Thanks sooo much!!

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