Unprofessional technical analysis of the “STOCK MARKET CRASH OF THE CENTURY”. And gold and silver.

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Month forecast
Correction 1360 gold
Silver 21.40
Stock market Dow Jones industrial 10k

Targets maybe be broken at any moment…. Yeeeeee haaaaaaaa.


Mancunian Stacker says:

Ye ha!!!! Ride on cowboy! Ride on!!! Glad I cashed out and bought Gold heavy a month or two ago! I'm going to keep adding to my gold stack. As I just commented on Junius' last video fiat can go to zero (As can stocks, bonds etc), gold will never be worthless! Also with gold there is a well established bottom of £700 before Brexit. It could now be £900. If France leaves, what then! More uncertainty to come worldwide which should mean higher gold prices. Glad I can go to the States and take a few sovereigns with me as spending money and cash them in for Dollars. Gold is the best money in the world just for that reason.

TheMultiGunMan says:

Another great one!

losinglouie says:

I've learned not to doubt you!

songforguy1 says:

Akubra mate?

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