Upcoming Stock Market CRASH Economic Collapse Of America 2017

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Jb Travis says:

Trump gonna save us do yall read the headlines. wake up yall we are screw2

Murray Ardell says:

A doubling of debt in 8 short yrs equals an economy on life support. But your are so brilliant you cant see that the light at the end of the tunnel is in fact a f#@cking train retard

Murray Ardell says:

Guys like him know nothing??? Well you dumb c%#t, Germany is going to crash and burn as well! Enjoy your muslim raping moron.

nfl1586 says:

Nothing is gonna happen. Every time I see videos like this I'm very angry about such assholes. I'm a trader of a hedge fund from Frankfurt / Germany and guys like you know nothing. There is and there never will be a crash which could lead to an economic collapse. Bullshit.

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