Upcoming Stock Market Crash! Global Economic Collapse Bank CRASH 2017

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Tamu Brook says:

All lies he tells

Jeremy Hughes says:

i predict another ad in there

Edward Owens says:

that collapse upward last
year was brutal

Whitetoothwolf Thunderbird says:

Maybe after EMP reset force mark of beast chipped or die receive crown of life.

Shawn says:

You bring up good points, and you see what's about to happen. Consumerism is at an all time high, when savings are low. I don't believe the FED is doing this to hurt you or I intentionally, but instead it's taking a leading role is correcting the mistakes brought on by Greenspan and Bernanke. Paul Volcker took the heat, but his decision was wise for the long run. We'd all be better off with decentralized banks.

Shawn says:

Also, buying gold is useless unless you plan to hold it for 30-40 years, just short the markets, collect your profits, and buy assets that appreciate from that. This will never end unless we go back to the gold standard, but that is a VERY low probability with the powers that be. Once the USD collapses, we'll transition to digital currency.

Shawn says:

Santander Consumer USA will fail first, then Wells Fargo (considering their current scandal that could cost them hundreds of millions on top of subprime auto lending), which will domino other financial institutions into huge losses, resulting in another bailout. You read it here first.

yoyoyo8011 says:

Economic collapse? WHEN EXACTLY?!?!? It could be another 20 to 30 years for all you know. – Nuff said.

Jerry Werth says:

l hear it will be for sure 2017-18 .

maybe 2019 lol.

Daquan Scott says:

i hear its going to be end of 2017 being of 2018

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