UPDATE Gold Chart Analysis for January 2020 | Trade Deal Stops Climb?

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The gold price in January 2020 has seen a historical high of $1613 just last week, before dropping back down to the mark of $1559. Thus, in the past 6 days, the gold analysis has seen a rather compact range of just $25.

This rapid rise in the price of gold was cut short in response to recent major geopolitical events, such as the tension between the US and Iran subsiding. Even so, the overall gold uptrend is apparent and it’s safe to say it will be rather stable for the foreseeable future. Hence, the gold price forecast, and specifically the gold chart analysis for January 2020, looks pretty bright. This is mainly due to the recent federal government and Federal Reserve policies that have made sure investors continue to be interested in the precious metal safe haven.

This effect on the gold price analysis, in turn, has largely to do with the US budget deficit exceeding a whopping $1 trillion. President Donald Trump’s tax cuts and budget deal are partially to blame for this, together with the Federal Reserve’s changes to its monetary policy. Watch the full video to see what and how will impact the gold analysis this month and throughout the year.

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khairel rel says:

Up or down? 10 feb 2020?

Eli says:

I’m glad to see that America is taking steps to even the out of balance trade relationship with China. Spot on yanks.

Paul Kendall says:

Bottom line US tariffs remain ON $300 bn of Chinese exports to the US.
Steel and aluminium
Washing machines and electrical equipment 25%

Trump may focus his tariff war on the EU next ?

Investors are more fearful of a stock market implosion or recession.

Amarchand Koya says:

nice work !! All is good except , mind DXY

DiggingNorway says:

But, 1520 is good support in the daily chart, isn't?

babak babak says:


trendingsoftware says:

Another great video. 100% agree with your analysis. Trump may keep markets alive until US election but afterwards could see some big volatility where gold will benefit. So big moves could be late 2020 and peaking in 2021.

ButlerM5 says:

You forgot to tell us at witch point did you got out on those 2 trades missing.?

Laurent Muller says:

I'm also bullish. I've bought yesterday at 1547

Christoph says:

Hey David, I'm a newbie and just realizing now that, at least I think that most people like yourself here are doing so on the FOREX market? Since opening my first brokerage account, I've been wondering why I couldn't find straight forward trading vessels with he exact same pricing as spot, but only seeing the ETFs with completely different pricing. Also, when I went to buy an ETF, I realized I didn't have a stop loss option available. In Canada, so started out with Questrade. So, am I correct in realizing this is the FOREX market you're on here? Do you think that it's possible maybe stop loss options are only available in FOREX accounts? I'm going to open a FOREX account next week and check it out. I'm only set up for equities. If this is FOREX, do you have any excellent book/resource suggestions for a newbie? Thank you 😊

Rainer Rode says:

These monthly trades are very helpful – thank you

Suhas Lomate says:

i am big fan of your Videos,. I am from India where we are learning much more information from your videos.
keep educating us sir.
Thank you..

Sarwan says:

Please update on natural gas !!

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