Urban Reach Profile: Rob Hoffman

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Here are some highlights from Rob Hoffman’s classes at the Urban Reach Dance Convention in Burlington Vermont. Be sure to check out Urbanreachproductions.com for more information and Tour Dates! We are headed to Stamford CT on March 16th and 17th! You won’t want to miss it! Tommy M. from Iconic boys will be in the house.


Misty Burch says:

What version of Miguel's "Adorn" is at the end of this video? I have searched, it's not his original acoustic version. Thank you!

TheMellow26 says:

he is awesome

kadddl says:

he is so good!

Michael França says:

Robert Hoffman is so fantastic.!

TeBeAyennounced says:

Finally this is up, been waiting to see the choreo again!

zac416nh says:

I like it, when I see remarkable people being great of their dance moves. You guy's are living your dream everyday and you get better and better at it!

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