US Dollar Gets Slammed! Gold & Silver Higher. Bonds Under Pressure. By Gregory Mannarino

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John Lowell says:

Still waiting for gold and silver to return to their 2011 highs. All those poor retirees who drank the Kool-Aid back then have retired to their "second" career as greeters at Wal-Mart. Precious Metals are in a trading range and will be for the foreseeable future. If you are a talented trader and lucky then buy the dips and sell the highs. If you are a stacker then prepare for that second career at Wal_Mart.

Will it stop an arrow says:

Ive just played 3 you tube vids and sound but no picture!

r c says:

Greg can dance if he wants to…. but there is no "safety dance"
Doing your best in a crazy world. You're a good guy Greg and I appreciate you.

wayne mcclory says:

Zero Hedge had an article pointing out the difference between 08 crash and 18 crash .the crash this time will start because of Corruption sorry Corporate Mergers and Debt incurred. Looks like something is happening soon

FortuneSeek3rz says:

Greg, the dollar falling is a sign we're about to get mid term elections…thats all.

FortuneSeek3rz says:

The dollar has a long way to fall. It's been on a win streak in the last 6 months.

Andrea says:

Hey Dracula! 😀 Sorry but you are pale like Dracula, maybe a Halloween feeling?

FortuneSeek3rz says:

Huge news for America – "The EIA said Thursday that the U.S. produced more than 11.3 million barrels a day in August. This is the first time since 1973 that the U.S. leads the world in oil production."

This is absolutely outstanding and will help keep pushing the price of crude, and therefore prices at the gas pump, down.

German Velazquez says:

Greg I am curious why you have not mentioned the recent announcements regarding large scale international dumping of US debt. Russia, China, Venezuela, Iran to name but a few as the bids to replace or provide alternative to the petrodollar are becoming increasingly agressive? Perhaps you could talk on this?

peeyavochka says:

Massive reversal tomorrow, massive massive negative reversal TOMORROW NOVEMBER 2ND

andre van de Burgwal says:

Thanks for your video's. It's wise to listen to people who knows where they talking about. Thnx and greetings from the Netherlands.

Tommy Jane says:

Hit that Like Button! And Subscribe. Gregory deserves it.

Brooklynn52 says:

Hi Greg! I read today about quantitative tightening, can you please explain a little something to us about that as I personally am all new to this. Thanks!

Cat Lover says:

GREG you NEED some sunshine!!

Tony Blaylock says:

Sounds like they got the dollar under control as well.

Gregory Mannarino says:

Lions. It appears that bonds are stabilizing and the dollar is weakening. These dynamics are stock market positive therefore, it may be time to look for opportunities to get long the market, look at individual stocks that got beat up last month. Use the stock screener on my website. Click HERE:

Errais Abdelmounaim says:

Miaou miaou aloa Gregory take it easy . It's all fake it don't exist illussion .Why you put yourself in stress .
Just relax all will be very well at the end .

Jonee Tiedemann says:

Compensatory dildo 4 bankers: dip in glue, wait 5 minutes, dip in sand, wait 15 minutes, and let it rock.

John Jones says:

unreported true inflation statistically hidden and covered up due to corruption of our financial system is why confusion and complacency is and selling of stocks ,bonds and all things actually are happening

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