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The USD markets faced the roughest week since 2016. The Credit Suisse XIV Velocityshare ETN blew up and lost more than 90% of its value. Do you think we will see more money from stocks transitioning into cryptocurrencies?

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Adam Mac says:

This dude shilled bitconnect

Ron Johnson says:

There are times to be long and times to stay short in uncertain times. The past few months I would only trade the short side of the ES until I felt there was more stability

gilbert512 says:

But all jokes aside that was a great video. Btw what are your views on how the stock and currency is gonna effect precious metals?

gilbert512 says:

Mat Damon makes youtube videos now. How cool.

Woke News says:

Epic rant bruv— I have BS and MS in finance and worked in finance for 10 years. I can see it clear as Day, but many others cannot. Sometimes people turn off seeing the bad things so they can fit in with the crowd. Also, the media has brainwashed people. Buckle up!

Ricardo Amarante Fernandes says:

Great information dude. keep going ! Already subscribed !

james soames says:

really so this guy is saying that the markets are rigged but bitcoin is safe basically. do urself a favour and dont listen to this clown

Mr4thetruth says:

This stuff is fascinating, I never even heard of VIX before! thank you. Your videos are tops, so well produced and so interesting. Love the background green screens and the swop to black & white. Clearly spoken as well. keep up the good work. 🙂

john taylor says:

outstanding video,very very well done……this my thought…..crypto in this early aberration serves one purpose and that it is a wealth extraction tool!!!!!!!!! its arrival is no coincidence after the 2008 crisis that continues is going to be used and the people who embrace it are going to be used as useful idiots to draw in all the rest of the people and their wealth who are suffering from the "i might miss out "syndrome!! the block chain tech is going to survive after all these cryptos implode but what waits to takes its place is a monster that will consume everything in its wake …..especially annonymity and control of ur wealth ..e.nslavement awaits all who embrace the beast ..enjoy the ride

Tucker says:

You sir have hit the nail on the head, the "financial system" is actually one big ponzi scheme. New sub

Ian susman says:

(((Banking system)))

Todor Todorov says:

This is why random engineers do not talk about finance…

Mariusz Sobczak says:

STOP chemtrails ^^

Eki Rasche says:

Welcome to the Zionist banksters owned economy.

PotOfDuality says:

Credit Suisse called me in yesterday for a temp position here in NYC. Extremely urgently. Like come in today with no paperwork or interview urgently. From what I heard from a reliable source, they needed this position filled days ago. They had me an another guy stripping hard drives from PCs to destroy. That's what we did all day, 8 hours straight. Obviously I didn't return due to no W-4, I-9 or anything filled out. But it's kinda fishy for sure.

John Kant says:

It a bubble

Michael Knobel says:

Man, we should really meet some day. Maybe when you are in Dubai or me in CH. I really think we would in fact get very well along and add value to each other. My Skype and Telegram are knobasel

XX NEW BANGLA 2020 says:

ঝরনার পানিতে একটি স্যান্ডো গ্যাঞ্জি ও ব্রা পরে গোসল করা ভিডিও

Dylan Campbell says:

holy fuck fuck offf

We The People says:

Awesome work my friend, subscribed! Good bless.

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