Using Options For Swing Trading

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TableTennisLover1234 says:

Your entry is excessively risky when you sold puts initially and bought more calls. Yes, you got the calls for free, but your downside risk was too much. Your hedging technique was not very creative. Everything else was great though.

Victor Bozhkov says:

great videos , but audio volume is a little low 🙂

Chris Carrion says:

Not only did I learn how to form better trade ideas for options, but the higher time frame acceleration analysis opens up more plays for stock trades. The education you gain from this channel alone is priceless.

Andrew Jankowski says:

Beautiful! Options are powerful! Thank you Steve and SMB crew for the valuable content!!! Keep em coming!

Fight4it says:

I Like your Idea. II like that you put a short position in place as I will never do a naked put again as a personal rule which is what you had initially. However Vertical spread is something that I am doing. The main point is managing your trade. whether its a calendar spread and or vertical price spread. I also check for liquidity on some of these and volatility. But I have some sold puts on AMD back up by a put further out and some calls on top. Thanks

Satoshi Gerbil says:

Do you guys have an options 101 course. I know nothing but am interested

Amie Fulks-Perryman says:

I had some similar thoughts on this stock and did a strangle with the Jun 21 expiry, $175 puts/$225 calls. Got $10.75 and will take it off at 50% if it stays between the strikes. I like your strategy too, but I am not as bullish on TSLA! lol!

Mike Walker says:

Thanks, great way to manage the trade, I was actually looking at TSLA puts spreads today.

Paul Dacus says:

Is it just me, or does S&P breaking below 2800 just look like Armageddon on Tues/Wed (May 28-29)? I'm buying VXX's tonight…
(edit) bought 500 @ 28.20's, I guess we'll see how it goes. But now it's time for Memorial Weekend!

Shu Rong says:

when will we start the morning meeting video again?

Jon Ahern says:

Thanks, Steven!

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