Using Trailing Stops in NinjaTrader 8 Tutorial

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New to NinjaTrader 8 and not sure how to use trailing stops or just never used them before? Here’s our tutorial on the Setup, Configuration and an Example.

In short, load up your Chart Trader and click on edit beside the word “Custom” under your ATM Strategies. Under the “Stop Strategy” click the word “edit”.

This is where you will have two options, to auto to breakeven move or to auto trail. Under auto trail click on 1 Step and under your stop loss you will place your distance behind the market you want to trail, under profit trigger is where you will put how much in profit you must be, before the trail order takes effect and the frequency will be how often it updates.


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XABCDTrading says:

There are some stop strategies and ATM strategies available for download here:

Shawn Smith says:

this was a very helpful video. Thank you for putting this together.

wilkin says:

wouldn't you have to adjust the settings every time you make a new trade?

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