Using Valuation, OBV & Ichimoku For Trading Stocks

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In this video, I am showing you how to determine the short-term value of a stock from reading the stock quote and then trading that stock using On Balance Volume (OBV) along with Ichimoku.
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okorie paul says:

How did you set up the obv on your chart

Josip Marić says:

First of all great video… where can i find this setup of OBV on Tradingview?

preston joyner says:

I use the Ichimoku on the nadex platform still working on it . thanks

Jack L says:

Do you trade crypto in your membership area?

Mojtaba Ghanidel Ghahramanlou says:

I started learning Ichimoku by watching your videos. They are very useful videos. Thanks for all of them. My question is "We know Kijunsen naturally is shifted 17 candles forward from Tenkensen"(I know the fomula of Kijun and Tenken, but if we start drawing these 2 lines by our hands, we will see this shift.) Imagine there is a flat Tenkensen and then this tenkensen goes down for a while and after that, makes a new flat. In 17 candle after this 2nd flat of Tenken, I expect Kijunsen starts making a flat line (even for 1 or 2 candles, anyway there would be a flat Kijunsen), but can you please help me find the Price level of the Flat Kijunsen?
Thank you.

Andre Aysen says:

Amen Brother – Happy tradings

Intraday profit says:

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