Venezuela – Fact & Fiction – Bitcoin Is Freedom

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Venezuela is finding itself in a very troubled situation, a coup is underway, why has it happened and what does it mean for Bitcoin?


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The Crypto Lark says:



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William Cornett says:

Bitcoin enthusiasts keep talking about charts, support levels, resistance, breakthroughs and all of that stuff just like they do with stocks too and call it the very respectable and fancy name (Technical Analysis) without most even knowing what these are and thats how they in turn give wrong analysis and lead people into even deeper financial trenches. Firstly, with stocks we do have actual real companies supplying actual real goods and services, and we can go and “kick the tyres” so to speak but cryptocurrency followers don’t have that. We’ve nothing but the charts, as there’s nothing tangible behind it and this makes analysis easily go wrong. Let’s cut through all of that. I am not anti-crypto as I make lots of money from crypto, not by hodling, but by day's a possibility that Bitcoin recovery can break through the $5,000-$6,000 levels again. If that happens, they say we could be in for another bull run. On the other hand, if it should fall through a line set arbitrarily at around $3,000-$3,200, then that’s the time to accept defeat and sell. If anyone has any Bitcoins, I say the time to trade is now, because you’re holding something of no underlying ability to store value whatsoever but also having the ability at the moment to turn in lots of profit. Today’s centralized currencies and payments systems are actually quite efficient, and they have that essential characteristic that Bitcoin can never have which is stability hence the risk in hodling. I personally even though i am quite knowledgeable in crypto, i am not an aficionado and i still depend heavily of the strategies and signals developed by Julius Gregesen and i would suggest him for anyone who is serious about making money from cryptocurrency today. I have used a bunch but his system is the best i ever encountered and used for over 6 months already with accuracy so astounding. You can mail him if you need his assistance on any crypto related issues (Juliusgregesen7 @ gmail com) and gain with your experience on crypto.

Will Taylor says:

Love hearing your perspective on Global issues from outside the US Lark; you’ve been nailing it lately. Spot on. Thanks for sharing the history and giving some perspective of our endless coups. One of the main reasons I couldn’t vote for Clinton was her role in the coups in Honduras and Ukraine, all while signing trade deals with countries like Colombia that devastated their local populations and forests, so that her Clinton foundation donors could plant Palm plantations. (Note: didn’t vote for Trump either) We in the US are living in a fascist state but no one wants to talk about it. It’s the root of our hypocrisy as a nation. Anyway, it’s interesting how you tackle both crypto and the bigger global picture lately, and keep an eye on a future where we can diminish the power of these global kleptocrats through crypto. Long live the Blockchain!

Mike De Masi says:

Not your vault not your gold

Sunsettvu says:

Hugo Chavez is what destroyed Venezuela. The united nations is a ridiculous assembly of morons and the US should pull out. Sanctions keep the war over there rather than here. Venezuela has more oil wealth than any other country in the world and is an exact example of socialism at its best. We don't do everything right, but so far we maintain superior lifestyle compared to other countries. The US built the economy in South America by building the Panama Canal and supplying demand for products from those countries. We built the Pan American highway and all the bridges included. There is very little infrastructure besides this. If you go there, garbage is up and down both sides and at all bus stops where it has been stacking up since it was built. That is the US's fault too I guess.

Duane Longhofer says:

Sorry but the UN is far worse than any country. You using a corrupt organization as your source of info is flawed.

QFriend says:

This time it's different!*

Ross Spruill says:

Duuuude this one is super good!!! Great job lark

Jonathon Hallett says:

Isn't DASH moving quite a bit there? I'm hoping DASH becomes the most used currency there!

The Cryptonaut says:

You speak much truth in this video. I don't agree with everything said, but so much good info. I wish this would go viral.

Harshlands Entertainment says:

I served my country. I love my country. However, I'll be the first to admit that the US Government (like many others let's not forget) is not your friend.

Praying for Venezuela.

Taliesin Freund says:

Well done Lark, particularly for pointing out that this situation is highly complex and in need of nuanced analysis which is alert to history. That alone is enough to expose the propagandist nature of what government and msm say. As far as crypto is concerned, the community is still not clear about the political nature of money, which is a more difficult question than can be addressed with the toolkit of Austrian economics, market fundamentalism, and unreflective individualism. Without a category of economic class, I can't see the question being realistically addressed. Strangely, crypto needs marx.

triplerider says:

Good video Lark. The truth and nothing but the truth!

Felipe Guimarães says:

I strongly disagree with almost everything you said, let me explain a few points

– the US sanctions are not the cause of those countries extreme poverty, but rather it's the reprisal of free trade by the local ruling government

what else can you expect from a country where opening a business is considered crime? The US is also not responsible for their other disastrous economic policies such as printing money like crazy

– Maduro and Chavez were know for using starvation as a mean of increasing their power and obtaining votes, I won't bother to explain it here in details how it works since this is not a political channel but in short it means if your city/region votes in favor of the government you get to eat or else you starve, similar tactics have been used by the Soviet government to increase their power over the population.

This is not a democracy

– A few countries have been better off after a US intervention, this has to be studied case by case and can't be simplified as a general rule, for example Chile under the US backed criminal Pinochet was a bad place to live but it was better then the previous disastrous Salvador Allende who was turning that country into a 1970's version of current day Venezuela.

and finally the most important point for this channel:

– I'm very skeptical about Bitcoin role in Venezuela and I don't believe Bitcoin is any better for average Venezuelans then using the US dollar as a mean of a stable currency.

The reason why Bitcoin exists in Venezuela is because electricity costs there are heavily subsidized by the government's oil money, this means Venezuela is one of the most profitable places in the world to set up a Bitcoin mining facility.

There is a very strong reason for Venezuelan government to do crack downs on mining operations since it's the government who is paying the heavy electricity bills.

So it's very ironic to call Bitcoin Freedom in Venezuela when in fact it's totally dependable on the government handouts

Want a easy and non-violent way to put a end to bitcoin in Venezuela? Just end the subsidies.

Crypto Gangz says:

Man I love this channel!!!

BlueMoonBrightStar says:

CIA is not rampantly right winged!?! What? The UN is part of NWO.

Maoul Xadukahr says:

Book, "Confessions of an Economic Hitman." Read it…

mackelby1 says:

This is a very embarrassing time to be an American. What we are doing to Venezuela is abhorrent.

Mark Schroeder says:

yeah. righteous. testify Lark!

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