(VIDEO) Hurry! Sell Your Bitcoin Because Jamie Dimon Doesn’t Like It…

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Matt Belger says:

What's this?
I thought J.P Morgan didn't like Crypos.

Austin Luepkes says:

I'm glad he said that because it's caused a bit of a bear market and thus a good time to buy

Sophie Jiang says:

Buy all of them up guys.

Peter Murphy says:

AMERICA now hoards Heroin in Fort Knocks NOT Gold.

Jsc Cards says:

please everyone who has an account with JP Morgan let's close it down and open with any other bank to teach then a lesson

Davileet T says:

Bitcoin is for the birds.

TheWordprophet says:

A true testament to the power of darkness, and the blindness and ignorance that comes upon men who reject the light of God's word, is the fact that men who KNOW that paper federal reserve notes are fiat currency, and literally worthless, ACTUALLY BELIEVE the lie that Bitcoin is not part of the global banking cartel, and that it is not controlled by the same mafiosos.
That, to me, is absolutely amazing.

Mr. Louis says:

Bitcoin is a scam, you will see.

david lewis says:

I do notice on investing .com they are talking of closing Chinese exchanges?

david lewis says:

keep 'em coming Greg, boy, you're the best!! I don't like
Jamie Dimon

jodo1971 says:

I love BTC, and it's certainly more "real" than $'s, but that said, i don't trust it. Fact: the future international legality of BTC is unknown and currently changing, which could greatly effect market value of BTC.  Bitcoin is an exciting asset which can certainly be quite lucrative, but it has always been very volitile, and BTC, like everything else, can and will be controlled by the elite.

Poloniex Bot says:

Crypto Currencys and Bubble Stages

Girl Geek Corner says:

I think he 100% owns bitcoin and is saying this so called news to crash bitcoin so he can buy up more on sale him and his friends

Chris Millington says:

Funny drawing 🙂

King Cesar says:

He wants more of it at better prices lol

Meek's Flugfiske says:

better to have people buying bitcoin and lose money than having them shorting the market and win 😉

Carlos Grenoir says:

Of course he has a lot of Bit&altcoins! 😉

Lucas Barcelo says:

Site muito bom
Pagando muito bem e muito rapido

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