Video Tour Of An Incredible Maldives Villa

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Last time I went to the Maldives, I treated several students, this time I just needed a vacation, but I still found time to make an inspiring video for you!


TazeTGD says:

Watch this video and then sign up to become Timothy Sykes new millionaire student on his Website

Carlos Franco says:

my name is Carlos, im from the universe, created by the universe, given consciousness by the universe to experience the universe as the universe itself. Im also a newbie trader and future millionaire in some years

Enrique Moreno says:

I have 500$ is it a good idea to start swing trading on E*trade ?

James Mace says:

Tim, I've watched your TraderChecklist DVD and I've studied for a long time, I'm paper trading but I am always making profit very rarely loosing money and if I do I cut losses quickly. My question is how do you research and find stocks that sky rocket like the ones you trade do? I've been looking but it's very hard with all this Big company news, my best profits where from shorting gold not to long ago but I want penny stocks and massive profits. Please teach us how you find these small companies

Vacation says:

Timmy The Vacation is over, Next time you do a house tour make sure you dont give anyone who may be chasing through out it a map..
Words of Wisdom

James Bond says:

I want to be your student! extremely persistent and willing to learn everything you have to offer

Justin Gomez says:

looks great, I sent an email again yesterday to take up the challenge, I've decided to go for it now. I am tired of dead end jobs that leave me drained with nothing to show for my effort. So I really hope to work with you soon Tim. I have been reading and watching your videos, most recently I found the Traderchecklist series of videos and I'm up to video 4 and will finish part 14 by Wednesday. Take care and hope we can work together, be safe and take care.

Shane Wray says:

I'm 20 ready to start with stocks and it has always interested me. I am currently attending college and was wondering the best classes for the stock market?

Jesus Emmanuel Valencia Espinosa says:

Great video!!!

Lewis Heywood says:

Is it a holiday villa??


Wish you could come to the UK bro.

David S says:

Hi Timothy I wrote to you on facebook, I'm David.
Could be great if you could answer to my question about trading, thanks
Great view in Maldives

Justin France says:

ben paper trading for nearly two months now while saving up to open an account would become a student if i could afford it head down staying focused. first thing on my list be4 Maldives tho is a new matress for my bed you better believe it

Mike Miller says:

Hey tim. Im 14 and i bought most of your video lessons. Im trying to learn as much as I can. I just recently started papertrading since im still to scared to use real money. Thanks for all the awesome videos!

TimeFliesBuy says:

Do they have jet skis?

Grant Matthews says:

happy halloween timothy

Noah Jacobsen says:

Hey, whats your opinion on binary options?

Dr Kindrat says:

Well, if you read everything hopefully you'll read mine. I know for some people it takes a month to learn and make big money for some years. I wish i could have a chance to learn from you then from somebody else how to trade and make them money. Tired of being an employee. As a student im working a part time and can invest 300- 500$. Willing to learn a lot, hope to earn respect and I'd love you to be my mentor. Thank you Tim,

Jonathan Z says:

Wow…. that place is so beautiful

FitzPatrick says:

I've been following you for like 6 months, Tim.. Awesome stuff, I'm on video 8 of Trader Checklist.. I've saved $6,500 from a second job and I feel ready but I'm going to paper trade on ThinkorSwim for the next two weeks before the real games begin!!! I've opened two brokerage accounts so that I can trade once per week with each (PDT).. Definitely want to get StocksToTrade in the next few months.. Thanks for the knowledge.. First video I ever saw was the Connor Bruggerman interview, the one that really got me was the broken Ferrari!!! I'm focused!!!

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