Volume Profile – Stop Loss Hunt Locator

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This Patreon-suggested video goes into more uses of the Volume Profile. We go into the what, why and the where of stop-loss hunts when looking at volume-by-price (volume profile). The examples in the video shows what happens when price enters an LVN price area where many stop losses are likely located.

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Disclaimer: The content covered in this video is NOT investment advice and I am not a financial advisor. The material covered within these videos is for educational purposes only. Always do your own research and only invest based on your own findings and personal judgment. Happy Trading!


Lucas Scholten says:

Will you be doing 2 videos per week again?

Egor says:

TradingView volume profile is crap, since TradingView doesn't have tick data. Their volume profile is based on 1 min chart. That's why they don't have CVD. I don't have tensorcharts subscription, but they might have tick data and therefore precise volume profile.

XzhiTBK says:

For the stop hunts, don't they usually occur for Bitcoin/Eth only? Or other major altcoins being traded on Bitmex.

abhishek shah says:

Is it good to combine volume profile with support and resistance for intraday ?

abhishek shah says:

Overall volume profile means HVN areas are mostly most consolidated , is it true ?

abhishek shah says:

For Intraday , if we are on 5 min chart , how much backward we need to expand the chart ? What to do in case of one sided trade ? Like only upside or only downside ?

Jordan says:

what I don't get with this indicator is how to choose the time period as it defines the whole volume profile

Mike SZ says:

nice but i dont have vp :v lol

Paul Girdwood says:

Hey bro thanks for the effort appreciate it 🙂 Quick one how do you add that vert vol indicator on tradingview? think its useful

Svetoslav Chilingirov says:

Great video again!

Does anyone know which is the exchange with lowest trading fees? Maker/taker fees with no more than x5 leverage?

After backtesting my strat, more than 50% of my profits go to the exchange… which is outrageous… The easiest change I can do is to switch the exchange. Otherwise I have to:
1. enter only with limit orders and pay (or be paid) the maker fee (which means I will most probably miss half of the entries, or make bad entries)
2. exit with limit orders which is very risky for stop losses
3. or have to enter a trade only when conditions are absolutely perfect so I can eventually increase the success probability of the strategy. Which may be impossible, because "perfect conditions" happens almost never.

How do you handle fees? Do they eat such a big chunk of your profits?

Stickii says:

Everytime I see a notification that you made a video, I stop everything I'm doing, make a cuppa tea, sit down and watch lol your videos are the best content on YouTube bar none and I will be joining the patreon at some point just to show support! Please keep the content coming. Thank you very much

Nikos Pop / Nipponia says:


ciprobay says:

nice, so basically price likes to visit path of least resistance?

Malicious Upload says:

Great video man

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