Volume profile trading strategy – Secret Strategy

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Volume profile trading strategy – Secret Strategy

If you are an intra-day trader, you can benefit from this Volume Profile trading strategy. Watch our latest video and learn how to trade with Volume Profile
In this video, we’re going to look over Volume at Price Analysis, or some people like to call it, The Volume Profile. The Volume Profile tells us where most of the activity happens and it gives great advantages for intra-day trading or day trading.

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Dean Tibbz says:

Your value area should be set at 70 not 43!

Salvador Flores says:

Is there a way to use a Weekly Volume Profile on 15min chart Time frame ?

Rolendrick Isidora says:

This is pure gold, any course on how to use volume profile that you can recommend me?

Daniel P says:

If i was a day trader should i only then be watching the profile say on the daily time frame as the profile changes per time frame?

Nick Gatito says:

Hi friend, how are u ? Is this volume profile works with Forex tradings ? Thanks

Amjad Ar says:

wonderful explaining , but you didnt explain wether to sell or buy at Point of control .

Concord Mustafa says:

Nice sir i wish you will do video about only fixed range volume profile and how to trade and use stop loss with it

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