WALL STREET: Stock Market Crash is Coming

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In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains that a stock market crash is coming.

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Lourdes M. Velandia-Calderon says:

Advocate thank you for speaking in plain English! !! 

don dodson says:

Hes right on the nail……….. im sorry fellow citizens but I hope your ready




free from oppression

Josh Salyer says:

Chris I hope you're wrong but in the case you're right thank you for all the information you've put out for the people.

Acie Burleson says:

All I know is that I'm glad I'm a Christian and I'm saved by the grace of God and he said therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself each day has enough trouble of its own.

Mike Balboni says:

Liberals/progressives should all be hanged for treason

realerik123 says:

Stop with these videos and instead start making videos on things we SHOULD do

Elaine Medina says:

All started with Reagan giving rich people the biggest tax cut in the history of the world.

Same situation that caused the French Revolution – concentration of wealth.

Elaine Medina says:

BTW Repubs caused both Depressions/collapses via concentration of wealth. A one-way flow is not sustainable. Must be a circular flow like rainfall, for example.

Elaine Medina says:

UR panic attack isn't helping. Call UR congress people to insist they confirm Janet Yellin as Fed Chair. Perhaps, we can get some "easing" for workers/main st.

Joshashanna says:

I would like to see money changed to bottle caps, fallout style.

badsector000 says:

At this point I think most of us watching this can see it happening all around us. I think I'd like to see Mr. Greene give us some of his thoughts on how we all can PREPARE and SURVIVE it!!!!! I GET it Christopher, now how do we live through it!! Insight? Suggestions?? Thanks!!

FACTSandSTATS ! says:

Beware:Liberals Are Storing More Than You Think…(more)..They Think There Not Included In The Demise Of U.S. But They Will Lose Everything First !

Robert Baird says:

I can't wait to see the system die. It's time we forged our own future.

rkb100100 says:

I can't wait till the world economy collapses so I won't see any more videos like this….

bailey bugg says:

We have been slaves for decades already its time to wake up people

Tod Slaughter says:

@iamjustaboy martinez. Its all in ur youtube name your just a boy u need to be a man and listen its not abou when it gonna happen fool its happening allready

peddobear69 says:

is it me or can you just walk outside and almost feel the tension, frustration and anger of people in the air? to me its damn near tangible.


So just one question he said coming soon meaning this year so if its 2014 will people still believe this guy

Norm Farrell says:

Keith Greene ROCKS!

Cooper Time says:

once the americas fall, you can expect "order out of chaos" to come and and save the world from the brink of WW3 saying come join NWO UN and sign away your countries sovereignty under them..
or it could be a global economic destruction with the fall of U$.
and its start date? everything is falling into place it could trigger any minute.. or if no one stands up to stop this 2016-17 at latest.

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