Wall Street Warriors Episode 2 Season 1 HD

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Mike Per says:

The guy at 3:32 is in jail for ripping off thousands of his clients money

aminozuur says:

HAH, this Tim guy is a fucking loser. Don't fall for it sheeple.

Coach Gumby says:

Bears make money, bulls make money, pigs get slaughtered.

M Hapugoda says:

This might sounds stupid…. Just wondering is TIM trading with CFD Account….?
Appreciate any feedback in return. 

Rick Williams says:


C4pt41nK4ng4r00 says:

Anyone can tell me what softwares is Tim using? Thanks alot guys.

fosfis says:


kinkylord says:

I am rooting for the Blonde Chick – Quantum Physics with no Math she said is good for you.  

anita morgan says:

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Supreme Illuminator says:

He will lose his shirt

Maria Martinez says:

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mm ix says:

are you saying that because it existed prior to nazi germany it in deed does not symbolize nazi rhetoric?

Lance Lot says:

Yes, usually people who do NOT know how to trade lose everything. I myself trade options, that is really where you literally lose your money all in one day.

Reaper says:

The Iron Cross existed long before Prussia you dumb fucking idiot!

hassmacht says:

I know. But it is not a nazi-symbol. That is for sure.

Whit Kern says:

You can also lose all your money in one day in this business. That is the beauty of the stock market.

Peter Bradley says:

Lmao, Boiler room, shup.

Lance Lot says:

You can double your money EVERY day in this buisness.

Lance Lot says:

Your wrong yes there is.

Razvan Rogoz says:

There is, but it's not the rule.It's a lot like gambling.

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