Wallstrip – Wallstrip Chat: Timothy Sykes

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(1-25-08) Julie Alexandria sits down with controversial author and former hedge fund manager, Timothy Sykes.


Omar Mahadai says:

tim l wanna talk to u (720)9896101 call me pls

Trade Score says:

Wallstrip – SHORT

Joseph Agunsoye says:

she is hot lol just thought i say that

Lauren Ralph says:

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Khalid Arzo says:

There are so many differences between you and Tim,you can't be Tim and Tim can't be you, so stop being that stupid to even ask this question.

Okram says:



Nebderf 350zHR says:

Tim was right as usual, 2017, and he's wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more popular lol. Sorry wallstrip.

stefan arsic says:

Hahahah you really,even back in the days don't give a shit about anything!

Thomas Legend says:

All of his long/short predictions were correct! BOSS

M40101 says:

And.. they fucked.

Fidel Valenzuela says:

Well, Tim was right. No more Wallstrip and now Tim Sykes reigns in the penny stocking world.

AmericazGotTalentYT says:

This is Tim's favorite because he was right about everything.

Jesper Martinuzzi says:

That night tim got laid

Danni Duffy says:

He's so freaking cute.

Scott Allan says:

Awesome video – get pumped

je vader says:

I LOVE these old tim sykes videos haha. Classic history

Parker Sylla says:

I'm pretty sure they banged after they filmed that

El Jay says:

I thought Martin Shkreli had a punchable face….

Sia Nazari says:

a total rebellion… one must be brave to say thing what he just said.. on most of subject matter..

Sonny Phamster says:

I want to trade but never try before.. how do you start

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