Want to Short Sell? See How It Can Affect You Mentally First

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Have you ever heard of ‘mental capital?’ It’s basically your thoughts and mental capacity. And some trading strategies can take a larger toll on your mental capital than others. Watch and learn!

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Here’s something I wish someone told me years ago…

Material possessions don’t hold much spiritual value.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m proud of all my success. But now I realize that owning things never made me feel accomplished.

What’s fulfilling for me? Teaching traders and donating all my trading profits to charity.

That’s why I’m driving a rental car in this video — I sold all my exotic cars. It didn’t make sense for me to have them.

You know how I always have to give my 2 cents when it comes to the right mindset. Speaking of mindset, here’s today’s lesson…

I’ll get into why I don’t short sell much anymore — and how short selling can affect someone’s mindset.

Short selling is a risky strategy. I think so many new traders would lose big if I tried to push short selling as a strategy right now.

Tune in now to learn how dangerous short selling can be — financially and mentally.

After watching this video, if you have a good idea of what ‘mental capital’ means, comment below. Say, “mental capital.”

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Timothy Sykes says:

After watching this video, if you have a good idea of what ‘mental capital’ means, comment below. Say, “mental capital.”

Dillan Turlington says:

Mental Capitol

Cristi Wamsley says:

Mental Capital

Cristi Wamsley says:

Thank you Tim for all you do by your donations! You have a wonderful heart ❤
Thanks for being our teacher…. greatly appreciated

Nathan Portee says:

Please give your insight into safemoon

Lahoma Kanaday-Creed says:

I am interested in your trading challenge, but I have run into a problem. I just did some day trades on robinhood and I guess that is a problem. I see that webull has the same issues. What online platform can I use that doesn't expect me to have 25k cash? I mean – super baby steps here – I made $6bucks today LOL. I also understand mental capital.

Petrolhead’s Concupiscence says:

I had a car boner when i recognized that interior. I think it’s either a hellcat or a demon btw.

ollguza says:

Mental capital 👍

Roy says:

You're such a great human being ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Karl Kenny says:

you have to see yourself as a scientist you have to test test test refine refine refine an optimize in the the pursuit to success in the pursuit of profits….

Anastassia Taktejeva says:

mental capital

Karl Kenny says:

Tim its 2021 not 2020..im a short seller its a different mindset..it can be done in this market in my opinion…

The Flying Car Show -All the latest says:

You really turned into a saint Timothy .. hit the nail on the head with this one. Ty for sharing

deric Cormier says:

Mental capitol. Thanks again for the great video

Testakleez says:

mental capital.

m moreno says:

Mental Capital: life choice, Study, Study, Study. There are different possibilities, I am trying to find my niche while studying the different patterns.

Todd Cournoyer says:

Daytraders…..Wanna stay calm n lose less n win more? Trade into a zone…your first buy point should be just that. The beginning of a battle. Your gonna lower ur buy price as the war continues. Avg down. N stay just behind the current price. You'll win battle. …the power of avg down can also reduce ur loss if u wanna stop out, INSTANTLY. It's simple math. Your INSTANTLY lowering ur buy price. good luck!!! Look at HOG today. I made money with puts. It closed near the high. How is that possible? Easy. Avg down…we have no fees like in the past wen this was frowned upon.. Put ur capital n leverage to use during a trade while sticking to ur % at risk. Have buy POINTS, then 1 sell point. Good luck! I got a 89% win rate.

Tom De Craene says:

Tim Sykes course or courses must be great. But to decide which course you want to take, it looks like an octopus, so many possibilities or tentacles. Most of the You tube movies say little or nothing. I have been trading for about 1,5 years now and looking for a course to improve myself, let me say be really profitable in day trading. Someone advice for me? Which course?

Mike Lou says:

How to get started with $1000

Chilu Mhatre says:

Mental Health. I Just Only Have PaperTrading Account And My Knowledge Account. If You Grow Your Knowledge Account Then You'll Grow Your Brokerage Account I Like This Sentence Of My Mentor.

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