WARNING!!! Global stock market is falling! Is the stock market crash?

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Harry Johnson says:

The stock market always crashes when there is a Repugnant POTUS. ALWAYS !!!!! Impeach Trump now.

Harry Johnson says:

Donald Trump continues to stuff his pockets and get richer and richer by scamming and defrauding the government, while the average hard working person is losing their ass in the stock market crash. If you think he's a great POTUS, check your 401k and see how much money you've lost in the last 3 months. About 12% to 15%? Is that about right?

Rui Carson says:

experts say Aussie dollar will go below 50c..?

H L says:

A lot of these rebound are short cover purchases, on top of that you better belief the government is behind the rebound, it would not allow a free fall.

Jeff Lovejoy says:

Most of these high tech anti-social media companies, like Facebook and Google, are owned by the Deep State. Mark Zuckerberg is the highest paid kept pansy in history. You could take away 50-percent of the stock market before you would arrive at the real holdings and valuation of these companies. The Deep State would have to completely fail before any of these companies, and the market, would go to zero.

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