WARNING: Is The Stock Market About To CRASH In 2021? | Kevin O'Leary

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Special thanks to @Market Wisdom by TraderTV Live for this fantastic interview! I’m Kevin O’Leary, AKA Mr. Wonderful and I solemnly swear to always tell you the cold hard truth about finance, investing, entrepreneurship, and everything in between.

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tpsu129 says:

730 dislikes must be for all the dings.

Kobus Mulder says:

Won't invest in USA.

T. Smith says:

bullshit talking bout watches, worthless

ROB brittany says:

French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday announced that a 'limited lockdown' will be imposed across the nation to curb the spread of coronavirus disease (Covid-19.Y’all should develop an online income means and focus more on bitcoin. I have been into bitcoin for a while now.

Marc Landy says:

what's with the ping noise during this interview for ?? how does it enhance the experience ?????

Casino Bonuses says:

kevin oleary is the biggest sell out ever

Meet Max says:

No crash in sight guys. I heard about crash from 2009 (after 2008) and where is that crash? All is fine people just stop panicking. Just worry about what you are in control of.

J O says:

That song noise is too much

M W says:

These guys have horrible production quality. DING DING DING.

Pedpost Urgent Care says:

How wrong he is about institutions and bitcoin. Ofcourse this was done 8 weeks ago. Should he have known better? I say yes. Most of these experts dont even understand bitcoin's utility, value and disruptive nature.

Hugh Hughes says:

In my opinion
The marketeteers are all calling for a 2021 crash.
Well great
Here we go.
Well I'm calling for a great run of the stock market.
I'm sick and tired of seeing the millibillies call for this so the small investors sell and get shut out.
Call it what it is uncertainty in the stock market because there is uncertainty in politics.

Big Dog says:

Lowe’s volatility in 2 years

Watchman For Truth says:

Something we finally agree on…money is worthless paper. SELL SELL SELL!!!

Foxtrot Bravo says:

Professor: I have the attention span of a fruit fly, so please silence your phone before you enter my classroom.

Vince says:

This could have started at 9:30. Mr. Wonderful is ready for Gay Pride with his rainbow watch. More of the fun questions less of all that serious stuff at the beginning.

Vince says:

Silence that ding!! I'm trying to listen o Mr. Wonderful.

Nick Monaco says:

Jesus christ put the fucking phone on silent

Mike Quinn says:

Is that bell noise really necessary ,

Mission Partners says:

@6:38 This IPO space for crypto is at its infancy stages and the talk is just beginning. We are deeply invested into Voyager Digital Ltd. & Asia Broadband Inc. who's books are like none that we have seen in a very long time pre-sector.

Andrea Dozier says:

OMGit is so pretty

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