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Gladamgone says:

The moving average was the barrier to stop rallies in 2008 and its the same again.

Kamal Ahmed says:

M listening crash for more than 2 years. There will be no crash as investors are extremely bullish. About 40% algorithm trading and trillion dollors mutual and retirements funds managers are extracting profits daily by entering and exiting trades in extreme volatity. 2019 is not year 2008 of manual trading. Bottom line, market is not pteditable.

Josh P says:

I just watched bull YouTuber and they are saying the opposite of what your saying. Oh well seems like everyone reads it the way they want to see it

SFX Surfer says:

2400 breakthrough downtrend then 24750 sees clear skies and new wave up

a64750 says:

S&P Chart says 2850 for a double right shoulder, symmetric Head & Shoulder pattern

Tosh Iguchi says:

The markets are not going to roll over until those who missed the big move down in December turn bullish. It's too easy to call for a sell- off now that we are at a major resistance. The markets always punish Jonny come late.

ben firthy says:

Forgive me mate, you might be correct, but your recent calls on stocks and PMs have proven to be polar opposite. US stocks are being pushed up by the PPT, you can tell because bond yields stable – meanig $$$ coming from another source i.e. PPT and Tier 1 Banks – stocks to rise

Higher Media says:

Looks to me like a triple top around 2800 on the S&P

Jess Meister says:

If you want to make money in the financial markets, 90% of your trade reasoning needs to be fundamental and then time it with 10% technical. If you trade 100% technical like this guy, you WILL get killed.

Brandon Beavis Investing says:

So what if we break that resistance?

Christoph Hartman says:

Nice analysis John, Thank you. Just curious, how do you see Gold acting, if at all, in reaction to the next leg down? Do you see that maybe the safe haven of choice may be the USD? I've been hearing very mixed analysis or forecast on Gold, some up some down. I've been hearing, "This is the year!", and, "We haven't seen the lowest low yet". It's very confusing for me, a newbie. I've heard as well by some that Gold will go down with the stock market before it turns around and goes Bullish. I've heard that the USD gets the most support going into a crash, then eventually the USD and Gold trade places. Do you see Gold going higher highs, higher lows from this point on all year? Or may $1300 be the top of this recent upward trend, then it'll keel over a little and maybe we'll see another $1200 or lower low this summer? Unfortunately I'm in the Canadian Dollar system, and have to also suffer dealing with it's weakness against the USD, which is additional foresight I need to consider when pricing Gold. Take Care John, All the Best in these times ahead. Thanks for helping us see what's up 🙂

George L. Jimenez says:

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Monster Electric says:

makes sense. thank you.

Jane Phillip says:

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Elv Antonucci says:

forget the news.. the charts the price action are giving the signs what the market is doing.. good work..

Veeshan Naicker says:

Excellent Excellent analysis and advice. Happy Trading J

Sagara Kun says:

the 1st 2 candles after the dip are the deed of the plunge protection team (artificial support)

Yanai Mas says:

if it breaks down , it’s the time to short .

Easy Visual Basic says:

2018 fourth quarter earnings will drive the markets lower. The sobering earnings data is what investors will trade. There is not a lot of good news on the way. Apple down, Samsung down, Car sales tanking globally, and an epidemic of Retailer contractions and liquidations. The market needs to correct to fair value…..about 12,000 on the Dow.

Andrew Trapman says:

Money filtering to Gold Stocks and Gold is almost $1300.Backing up what your saying John ??

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