Warning! Signs Of Withdrawal. The Fed Effect On Stock Market, Economic Collapse 2017 and Silver

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The danger from the fed effect on the stock market. the federal reserve moves to end manipulation and unload their balance sheet. extreme danger of stock market Correction from removing support from markets. Silver Price will rise as money moves as a result of massive stock market crash. economic collapse news 2017


Dennis W says:

I wish John McCain would go to hell. He is a TOTALLY USELESS POS.

jonathan Saint George says:

You're ignorant of the evil Fed's true NWO motive and agenda. Do some research and/or STFU

Jeff Gerst says:

You didn't say anything about silver?

David J. Fox says:

The Fed is the most egregious criminal entity ever created. It is owned by Rothschild zionist jew bankers, and its goal is to destroy this country and force us into their global NWO. They will crash the market, but that has been the plan all along.

Mike OZ says:

No-one other than the criminal Fed can predict anything.

Heavymatel Alive says:

they took 50cents today. I guess they are listening to me about taking larger sums once.a week

Chad Weaver says:

Silver sold off Friday afternoon. What a joke

Adrin Suno says:

just spoke to Jacob Rothschild… Everything is going to plan.

Michael Alpine says:

The sheeple are ready to be sheared again.

Kman Lodi says:

Talk about the TRADING DESK at the Federal Reserve……Wonder why the markets act as they do???

The Trump says:

Gold is much more available than silver, Gold will be the next "Federal Reserve Note," but silver will not be as plentiful in that era. Think about it. We must drain the comex swamp.

The Trump says:

They can screw with the market at a false low, until they cannot do it any longer. Buy silver now, for safety later.

mastman 23 says:

failed derivatives securities foreclosed homes that have been held off the market. Bonds for domestic and foreign banks that are worthless failed loans in the oil patch and student loan defaults. probably massive car debt over the last 5 years anything that props up a failed economy

realapoc says:

The only hope is to abolish the federal reserve but it appears as more people wake up to this banking pyramid scheme the more banksters will have to divert the publics attention, war and public unrest seems to be the agenda, we are so screwed.

JohnnyRebKy says:

Why no mention of Silver shitting the bed this afternoon???? I figured this crisis would drive it up. But this morning i saw rosland capital tv commercials on fox news channel played over and over saying buy silver buy silver. I thought thats odd why would they want to sell when silver just jumped to 18.52??? Then it was plain to see……they were unloading all they could before the afternoon crash. Now were back at 18 and they are still running commercials trying to unload which tells me we aren't even close to falling where its going. Why?? Because i haven't seen tv commercials so franticly trying to sell silver like this in years. Then all of a sudden i get emails from APMEX telling my i need to hurry up and buy during the dip while prices are low!!!! Again…why is it in their interest to just randomly notify me to buy when their product is worth less??? I dont have any settings to warn me, it just happened. So I've reached the conclusion that Silver is going to totally shit the bed in the next few days and they know it. I guess they thought there gonna convince me to jump in at 18 as if thats the bottom of the dip lol. nope sorry APMEX i see the writing on the walls

Marc Gratton says:

Buy silver mining comp

devera770 says:

What exactly is on their balance sheet?

Tai Mir says:

has the long awaited stock market crash finally starting?

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