Warning Stock Market Crash 50% Economic Collapse 2017!

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this has been the 2nd longest bull market in history and the longest 7 bull markets have all ended in massive crashes averaging 51% crashes between them all. this has been the largest bull market since to crash of the tech bubble what we face now is a very large wind up that could lead to devastating consequences of economic collapse 2017


Wizdomtrek says:

Hmmmm, what occurred in 1929? Hmmmm O.o

bob .right says:

If  you bury your head in the sand you are going get but F**k

Punisher says:

Gotta be honest….That baby in the intro is starting to freak me out!

Timothy Price says:

Bet it will be greater than 86 percent.

brent williams says:

Keep hearing of this crash over and over again. When is it going to happen. Tired of same old BS. Is it going to happen this year next year or in 2 to 5 years. Please someone clarify

Terri says:

awesome!! thanks for another great video…..!

John Griffey says:

Enjoyed the videos, really. I wouldn't be a subscriber if I and others like me didn't love the hell out of the videos you put out!! And I know for a fact through my own research that you have been very correct on alot of your topics! But this video is another eye opener, so many people feel helpless when it comes to debt, because there is no light at the end of the tunnel for them. But by you giving me information (correct information). I can help others as well (paying it foward if ya will). Truly appreciate the hard work and passion you put into your videos!! Keep it up, you are opening more eyes than you know!!

Randy Best says:

It propped up by the FED. We now live in a fake world. We have little physical economy these days. All of this financial engineering will end badly. But the trouble is, no one will go punished.

Julian Valenti says:

Ever since the DOW hit 15,000 I've been saying that it will go down to 11,500. Obviously it was a bad call since the DOW is close to 21,000 today, but I still feel that it will drop to 11,500 or lower. It just has to, it's being supported by fake news and false data for way too long.

Johny Ringo says:

Will put my man …. just bought 61oz of silver ….

Tracy Eppard says:

truth hurts,it doesn't need to be defended.-what are you preparing for?

runar500 says:

This time, the bulls are solemly running on FED-dope..

The Trump says:

You are speaking what needs to be said, so that those who love truth can protect their families from poverty in this political and financial environment. You are doing great. Thanks! …and don't mind the deep state trolls.

Donald Durall says:

the little boy who cried wolf

HAZE says:

Thanks for another great video and topic!
Believe me! these videos open my eyes.

The Rocket Radio Show says:

great content

Juan Reyes says:

the sky is falling! da sky is falling! no no no stop it!

The Rocket Radio Show says:

is 1600 oz enough?

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