Warning To America: Economic Meltdown To Happen SOON! STOCK MARKET CRASH!

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shweepps moshoeshoe Mopeli says:

willl forex market crash??? i doubt!!

Fred Nerk says:

What a crock of shit typical you tube scare mongering bullshit

Mike Rosol says:

FEAR MONGERING. people don't listen to this garbage.. dislike

Jason Anderson says:

scare tactics! he names off all those so called experts. These are the same morons that were spouting off about how the economy was going to tank on Sept. 27th!  But like all other "doomsday" dates, it just came and went!

Stevareno says:

not before the election

Mary Kinuthia says:

Excuse me sir, 95%can not afford to buy silver and gold, but can do better, such as burn and loot their cities and towns.

Christopher says:

Global economy is full of shit they have been saying this for years

Andrei Deac says:

I hope there's a lot of folks that watch this video. Actually,it was posted before. It's really good information.

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