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Jeff Saba says:

Great Explanation!   The only one I understood. Thanks!

Guy Romine says:

You're an idiot.

aa a says:

Fed meets on the 29th Jan. Hope they crash it.

Passive Income Investor says:

The trend is your friend but things are different the bear bull case https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-DTVAld8BM&feature=youtu.be

a64750 says:

Bond Market will follow or Lead?

Neil Gary says:

This guy is an idiot

kinard1980 says:

..wow 12 mins of rambling, just to say 1 thing….we couldve analyzed the djia, sp, and a couple others stocks in 12 mins

Marbella Southern Spain says:

Watch a professional trader, make thousands trading the ftse and have buy and sell trades sent to your what's app… http://www.ftse100pro.com/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=139​

Brian H says:

Lul everyone on YouTube is bearish means we have another bull market on our hands

Lynn maria says:

Really appreciate Mr Mike for his amazing strategies for the past 7 months it has indeed been very fruitful

iceprincess0504 says:

….meanwhile, option put traders are losing money. why? because every bearish trader is saying we're crashing since the beginning of last week. imho, it's better to wait for the actual drop, don't get caught in bear market bull rallies. these can be rough, prolonged, and painful. when the drop materializes, you will know. then you can join the bandwagon. front running the market is not good, it's all about the meat of the move!

Cfass1 says:

The trends are your friends mate. Cheerio

wayne mcclory says:

All you have to do is prepare ! Simple and Smart. As for time it’s any time very soon and there won’t be any DO OVERS. The Government can’t and won’t save you. ☠️⚰️ But Gold WILL ! It does every recession.

Obsessed with Lawn & Odds with GR says:

lol. we did have a higher low of the bottom. so we gonna have another higher low. like pull back on wed. if I am right sub to my channel

Mo Slayer says:

Of course he should be broke

michdad1 says:

You should never say “No ones thats smart”. Because I know.

Kay Bass says:

You had a 'rising wedge' crash pattern in the US indices, and the level of support was breached, and the crash then arrived. Now the EU banking system is in crisis, and this is a multiple. The bankruptcy appearing when the Euro collapses into the abyss, Ezekiel 7: 19 falls onto the ailing US financial system like a BIG BOMB. The times and seasons show the imminent arrival of the Great tribulation, and the true God has explained the outcome. Some people are fixating on the US stock market like its the be-all to end- all and the arrival of distress from Europe, and the arrival of wars, such as the war between the US, Israel and Iran is not seen; neither is the war between the EU and Russia, at the time of Euro collapse. This is not bullish for the stock markets, because Isaiah 2: 18-20 tells us that people throw their silver and gold away 'with a loathing' at a time of a rush to get underground. Why do people throw silver and gold away? The financial system has crashed out of existence. This is not a 'bull market', this is a DESTROYED MARKET with the arrival of violence, pestilence and famine Revelation 6: 8 The EU catastrophe falls onto the US; with THOUSANDS OF BANKRUPT BANKS all at one time. The part of the world associated with Christendom, is the one third part of the world that forms a financial 'hole', Revelation chapter 8, that the rest of the world falls into.
YOU will not grow rich while the present system melts away into the Great tribulation. YOU imagine this system just carries on.
The future is written, and this is the truth John 17: 17 2Timothy 3:16 2Peter 1: 20, 21.
70% of Italian loans have gone sour. German banks are in crisis. The prophetically revealed loss of the Euro currency Ezekiel 7: 19 is ALREADY VISIBLE.
Therefore, some of the analysts who are giving advice are like a man; who went running after a RUBBISH COLLECTION TRUCK because he THOUGHT IT WAS A WEDDING.
If you want to see $250 TRILLION worth of world debt to ALL GO UP IN SMOKE AT ONE TIME; then just keep watching.

gtcstorm40 says:

Depends on time frame also. if you are trading hourly or 15 minute charts the trend is up. Daily and weekly is down. WW2 market bottomed in 1942 when the Germans lost in the Soviet Union. The start is not the bottom necessarily.

MaximumAttack says:

Yet another video about market is going to crash

Kent Starliner says:

Great video!

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