Warren Buffett Explains the Stock Crash of 1962 & Why It Matters In 2019

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Warren Buffett in his first interview explains the 1962 stock market crash. The stock market crash in 1962 is known as the Kennedy Slide of 1962 due to JFK’s action again steel companies hiking prices during this period. In Buffett’s interview he describe the stock crash of 62 and here I explain how it is relevant to today’s market.

In 2019, stock prices have risen faster than corporate profits/earnings for the past 12 years, a similar situation to the US in 1062 before a flash crash occurred. In this video I explain the 1962 stock market crash, provide commentary on Buffett’s first interview, and explain why the interview is relevant in today’s expensive stock market.

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Original Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REhg_bv7srM
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Investing Education says:

Buffet's advice will be relevant decades from now too. What a precocious young man in the video.

Nyc Bit says:

WARREN BUFFET received more bailouts than ANYONE or ANYTHING.

“MARKETS” implies capitalism, although we are far from it right now.

"CAPITALISM" implies bankruptcy.

Buffet should be a GREETER at WALMART.

And nobody cares what a ruined Walmart greeter has to say, right? Well, except for you maybe.

The Wealth Tree says:

Great information, thank you Hamish

Medo Yami says:

Thank you Hamish for the great video. IMO once the stock market crashes and it will most surely crash, Trump Presidency will die with it. So he is gonna try by all means to prevent it. Companies are devouring themselves for higher stock prices. They are leveraged beyond belief. I'm not hoping for a crash but it's coming as sure as the sun will rise.

Nelson Lee says:

Great video Hamish, being a speculator is a hard job. Investing in high quality companies is a lot easier.

Aussie Wealth Creation says:

Great vid mate. Super interesting

Fang Wang says:

Great presentation! Very informative, yes, more, of course!

David Smolyak says:

Very well done! I am thinking about making more videos about the market. I study quantitative finance in college and definitely have a ton I could talk about in regards to quantitative analysis on different investment vehicles.

RicoSuave Investing says:

Awesome man. Thanks for the info. He still has the same pauses between sentences today lol.

Sammy Nakhla says:

Outstanding presentation! Well done! 20 plus years in the Market! Next video please do DCF and Buffet Intrinsic Valuations, along with PE and Price to Book ratios = 22.5

Henry Chinaski says:

If you don't buy Ivanhoe mines stock you're an idiot. 40-60B mining giant in the making. Thank me in a decade.

larry smith says:

I don't not believe a crash will come as long as trump is in office. He is doing things no other president did with all these tariffs but I do think the day he's out of office there will be a huge drop of 30 percent and fast

Tye Warren says:

Whoohoo! I got the first LIKE in. LOL. Yes, Hamish. Great stuff. More please. 😉

Investing with Tom says:

Buffett video? Sign me up! Congrats on 5k subs too 🙂

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