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How does Warren Buffett make money and trade options. How stock market earnings work and what is the deal on dividends, interest rates and yields.
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Stock Market Investing says:

I always recommend to investors SELL options rather then buy them 🙂 I trade options very frequently and it's DEFINITELY skewed in your favor when you are a seller of options 🙂 Great video Sven!

chirag teja says:

Wonderful video! Congratulations on reaching the world cup final!

Sourav Sarkar says:

normalized earnings….. XD ROFL!

Money For the Rest of Us says:

Thanks for the suggestion of Aswath Damodaran. I just subscribed.

Investing Book Summaries says:

Great video as always man!

TheFu1709ck says:

i sell options all the time. especially etf index options or on various commodities (gold, silver, crude) the MOST IMPORTANT thing is to keep position size SMALL. check out the books from Sheldon nathanberg and lawrance Macmillan 😉

ke od says:

Can’t wait to start getting option videos from your channel!

What strategy do you think you’ll be using for option trading? Covered calls like buffet?

I like using calls instead of limit buys. Makes sure you get the stock at a fair value and you get payed to wait.

Iris Docs says:

I will see you in your next video to

projectbrian says:

I just bought Jan 2019 qqq puts. The thing about options is that time doesn't feel like it's on my side. If this doesn't work out then I'm not going to do options again. It's much easier to go long from my perspective. Thanks Sven!

John T says:

Made 26% on a JPM option trade this morning, options are a great way to make some money.

Spicer Capital - Invest Smarter says:

It is interesting to see Buffett use options, considering his "financial weapons of mass destruction" comments.

That being said, I don't disagree with his strategy here. And I appreciate your insight, Sven. I think you're spot on!

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