Warren Buffett’s $5 Billion Dollar Options Trading Strategy That Everyone Ignores – Show #60

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https://optionalpha.com/show60 – What if I told you that Warren Buffett, yes that one, is actually just an options trader in disguise? Actually, he’s not disguising anything since his entire strategy and philosophy is all publicly available and linked below. But, that the $5 billion dollar options trading strategy he is using right now has the exact same core methodologies that we use here at Option Alpha, i.e. option selling.

Unfortunately, this strategy and business setup is not commonly talked about in the media. Everyone ignores the 50,000 short put options he sold on KO or the 3-month short puts he sold before acquiring Burlington Northern Santa Fe. They are big trades that tell us a lot about the way he uses options but the media won’t cover those because it’s not “mainstream” enough to reach the masses. Lucky for you, we’re covering it today for you.

In today’s show, I’ll help you understand why his most profitable business, which grew from $41 billion to $88 billion, is the insurance business and how you can apply the same principles to your own investment portfolio. Plus, I’ll walk through his biggest options trade that occurred during the height of the 2008 market collapse in which he sold short put options on 4 major market indexes around the world. If this show is even remotely helpful today, please consider sharing or sending it to just one friend or colleague you think might benefit from listening.


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– Kirk & The Option Alpha Team


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