Warren Buffett's Stock Market Indicator Signals Stock Market Crash – Sell In May and GO AWAY!

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Warren Buffett’s favorite stock-market indicator hits record high, signaling a crash could be coming would selling now be a good idea? Let’s take a look!

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Clark Kent says:

Not Grover. OSCAR!!!

Seeking Justice says:

Oscar was in the garbage can….

ProtegeX15 says:

Video starts at 1:57

Cheap Laugh Kennedy says:

Definitely a flash of Mickey Rooney happening.

Gyslain Rastel says:

Hey Bill,
I enrolled in Charlies course but forgot to put your promo code…sorry for that.
Anyway I can sort that out?

michael jordan says:

7:25 he suddenly decides to draw a penis in the middle and of an investment video. Phallic symbol

david stewart says:

You are so fun to watch . I like swingers .

Chris White says:

1:38 "don't look at the news, don't look at youtube" dang.. I did it again didn't I?

carter morey says:

that's why we SAVE currency and coinage.

Patti Zayas says:

ty……..I feel next yr is gonna be worse than now

Big E says:

Stop apologizing. This is your channel. Haters can F off.

Tykoon 25 says:

You make learning stocks easy , you expalin thing as easy as Robert kiyosaki does real estate

ryoga7733 says:

You get a like for admitting self ‘butt hurt’ 😂. But thanks for the videos! They are enjoyable and educational

L C says:

Lucy Goosy, Johnny. Lucy Goosy….

kill the white man says:

Grover? Oscar. Oscar goes in the trash can.

20impressions says:

I want dat mic assembly

tominator3 says:

7:17 – Johnny Bravo draws "Frank & Beans"

tominator3 says:

You should do a different background each video

Mrdumpyourboyfriend305 says:

Ive binge watch this channel for 3 days. Plus i like johhny brovo growing up

Maris Ferdinand says:

The rich see economic crisis as a garage for sell

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