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Citadel Group, a high-frequency trading firm located in Chicago, trades more stocks each day than the floor of the NYSE.


Stephanie S. Tuten says:

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This shit is rigged

Anthony Newton says:

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blower2006 says:

I am confused as for the definition of what those guys do. If they are watching a program doing all the trading , can we call them traders? brokers? Investment bankers? or a trader manager??

Todd Lavigne says:

Wall Street is in bed with the US government. This is why a bill hasn't been passed to ban high frequency trading.
These guys look nice, speak well, but don't be fooled, they are white collar criminals. Anyone with half a brain knows
HF trading gives these people an unfair advantage.

SharriCupples19113 says:

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klosecellule says:

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ramses kat says:

HFT = Here To F*CK traders!

chris camez says:

lmao this is a baloney bot that
pumps and dumps a market so basically they have the usd and they use bots to buy a fuck load, sell..
lmao when you have billions you dont need to
"make decisions"

Lucy Pillinger says:

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Paal Muruganantham says:


Patric Stonerke says:

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karthik1107 says:

Not HFT, its HFS. High Frequency Scalpers. Pigs claim that they provide liquidity, but they feed off the pennies with algorithmic trading.

DimebagVision says:

I would love to work in a place like this! Getting paid o capital gains is awesome for (legal) tax evasion ;D

Glenn Thomas says:

The government is too slow to catch on may be because the stock exchanges make money by allowing or providing services such as data, floor space, network usage etc to these HFT firms.

I thought the trading info such as who's putting in orders to buy and sell would be private information between the buyer and the seller which is the stock exchange. Third party getting that info would be illegal I thought!!

I agree queue jumping and frontrunning can only be done if you know whos buying what !

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