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I would like to see you trade forex. Great Videos brother!!

Jetta Phillips says:

why was it not live?????

Diondra Adams says:

Loved that. Get it Ricky!!!

Derrick Johnson says:

Ricky is the kid down the street that your dad treated as an equal but you really couldn't be angry about it.

Sangram Gore says:

What s the use u r not teaching us and we don't have money to trade???

MrBgklug says:

do you usually trade stocks or options?

Brian Cavazos says:

wait so did he buy or sell??

YungKeemThaDream says:

Juice wrld someone is hip

Veritas Nightcruzer says:

Been watching your videos to get started and they've been amazingly clear and useful.

Just to clarify cause I can't really tell from the video: You bought in after confirming the break above VWAP and sold at resistance?

InvestorArman says:

Does anyone know the songs played during his trade?

Chris Carter says:

It’s funny how he teaches his sister how to trade by telling her stocks and in and out positions but won’t do the same for us because it’s not learning.. lol. I’d rather learn that way and study how and when he made me pull out then lose my account by experimenting

SpluRGE says:

Juice wrld i see you

David Carrion says:

Ummmnnn. Are we going to do a Sunday stock talk this week?

D fitz says:

cant make out numbers very blurry. Looks like you got in at 35.05 then limit order at 36.00? BTW was this a swing?

bacon says:

The music is very distracting, I couldn't watch

Millennial Motivation Entrepreneur says:

Keep inspiring 🚀

Info Planet says:

awesome, I am planning to join your course but I mainly trade options, also got denied by TD so only have robinhood and fidelity.

DonFronShow says:

Going to actually trade live again!? I thought drip shut that out lol

Dillon Bult says:

Hey ricky? How do you place an order on thinkorswim? Do you put in how many shares and press buy and whenever you want you put in how many shares you bought for and press sell? Or do you have to put a stop loss and limit on it and it HAS to hit one of those to sell?

Terrence Mathews says:

What songs were those in the intro , they sounded nice.. dance in the moonlight song , whose the artist?

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