Webinar Preview Automating Order Flow Analysis With Markers

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Up coming up on Tuesday January 15 about how to automate order flow analysis.

One of the questions I have been getting for years is “How can I automate order flow analysis?”

I reached out to Pablo Maglio from The Indicator Market and together we are going to show you how to automate order flow analysis.

This is just a preview video to show you the Orderflows Trader and Pablo’s tool called Markers Plus. It is an amazing tool for testing strategies and settings and most importantly for me, automating entry and exits.

Now I am not an machine so I am slow at order entry, and with order flow admittedly there is a lot of information to digest.

By telling the computer what to look for, then I let the computer enter the trade for me, and I am free to analyze the order flow coming AFTER I am in the trade the manage it. I don’t always let the trade go to either take profit or stop me out.

Conditions change once you are in a trade and if the conditions tell me to get out, i get out. or if they tell me to stay in the trade. I stay in.

Here is a quick video to show you the capabilities of Markers.
I sped it up for the sake of time…


Nigel Pooley ACA says:

Hi Mike, I have purchased your software. I am trying to contact you as I need the OrderFlows Software activated, can you give me a good email as I am getting no response? Look forward to hearing from you.

Ed Carp says:

I saw the presentation. I find it surprising that you advocate automating your entry with your "markers", yet you strongly eschew automation for exits, when the same automation could be used for exits. Divergence, big buyers/sellers coming into the market, unfinished business – all of these can be used to automate exits. Truth is, the entire trade can be managed by automation with no human input required.

Mike Kempf says:

Hi Mike – I purchased orderflows inner circle in January 2018…. I have been emailing you for help but have not gotten a response… I understand you are busy and get a lot of emails … I am wondering if there is a new website link for the inner circle website? the link I have no longer works… same is true for the orderflow trading course? also where do I down load the latest updated indicators? and the weekly training sessions on Monday night. any help would be greatly appreciated

Ilves Vuori says:

Will there be a special promo deal on Orderflows Trader 2.0?

Ziad A. says:

Sounds great Mike! Will be looking forward to that!

Alberto Valdivia says:

Sounds like great news! Do you think the events (ratios, trapped traders, etc) can be applied to YM, knowing that it is volatile and has much less volume than ES?

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