Weekly Debrief – STOP Trading (if you don't know what you're doing…and maybe even if you do…)

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Market is completely divorced from reality…”easy money” has been made for now, market is trading on algos, the next round of ‘easy money’ is yet to come.

Use this time to get smart!


Jay Rice says:

knew the bottom was in this weekend when u bragged how much money u made and only had a few spots open –

richbari says:

I noticed when you traded it said Paper Trades. Why aren't you trading real money.

Goose F16 Aviation says:

Great updates today, all of them. I for one, had to push back from the table today and unwind positions,… Im following Whiz's advice and hit the book and live to fight another day..HF B/A splits of 50%, Vol spikes of 1.5M.. crazy. Thats not even day trading, thats hourly or minute trading.. takes serious skills. Going to have to wait for the dumptruck moment….

Scott Wyant says:

By the way….thank you Whiz for the frequent updates the last few weeks. They've been a great help!! From a retired AAL guy.

james vaughan says:

Great update. Appreciate the weekend updates as well.

Scott Wyant says:

Closing the shorts at a loss and letting the longs ride can work but…a sudden reversal can double losses. Be careful with those!

Bigakh says:

I wish I would've heard this 3days ago 😂😂 I got blown out from Boeing and spy puts

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