Weekly Expiry Option intraday trading strategies as per Option chain Analysis + Price Action Eps 31

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Hi, I am Nayan Pokharkar. Full time Professional Trader, Doing Trading for Living.

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About this video : NIFTY banknifty analysis

Intra Day Trading आपको भिकारी बना देगा अगर आप ये SECRET नहीं जानते तो……

Full time trader बना देगी ये वाली Intra day trading strategy : Trading for living

एक मिनिट के अंदर कैसे पता करे की मार्केट ऊपर जायेगा या निचे ? intraday trading strategies

करोड़ो रुपयां कमा सकता हो Intraday Trading मैं,अगर आप ये SECRET जानते हो तो !!!

About this channel :
Sharing of KNOWLEDGE !!!
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Vinay Chavan says:

Sir, how to trade nifty spot (cash) for intra day

Suresh P says:

ये कोनसा drawing tool है जिससे आप लिख/सर्कल बना रहे थे, क्या ये paid है या फ्री है, इसका लिंक मिल सकता हैं क्या,
प्लीज़ लिंक भेजिए ना

Suresh P says:

ये कोनसा drawing tool है जिससे आप लिख/सर्कल बना रहे थे, क्या ये paid है या फ्री है, इसका लिंक मिल सकता हैं क्या,
प्लीज़ लिंक भेजिए ना

bhuvneshwer diwedi says:

Sir holded position in bank nifty at 31000 ce@ 53 rs but now it's at 39. Shud hold tomorrow or need to close early with loss.

nikunj patil says:

How to join your primium group

Arun Pillay says:

Sir ji u r awesome great prediction hats off

Agniswar Das says:

Sir should I book profit IRCTC or not because of IRCTC OFS are coming please sir give your opinion.🙏

Chirag Joshi says:

Sir, thank you so much for your efforts to make us learn about market. But as a beginner we can't trade in Nifty F&O due to low capital. Please restart your stock series for beginner to start trading.
Thank you once again 😊

Grow up with GK says:

Very good sir

rahul rakshe says:

Nice information 👍 sir


Great sir G

Angel of death 666 says:

Sir we are missing banknifty levels

Hasan Ali says:

Great thanks sir

Govindaraj, Rakesh says:

I'm a retail trader , I have personally learnt a lot from your videos. Please keep up the good work, don't stop

Equitable Education Theory says:

सर, लाईव्ह मार्केट मध्ये price action kashi ओळखावी

Govindaraj, Rakesh says:

When people come to know the value of your videos, then it will be an eye opener

Govindaraj, Rakesh says:

Sir hats off to your hard work in helping us. Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart. God bless you and your family 🙏

Govindaraj, Rakesh says:

Guys please like the video, when he is making efforts to help us. Can't we just hit a like to support him. All the information shared is of worth lakhs, when you understand it perfectly. Let's help mutually and benefit on both ends. It's really sad to see that 13k views and only 2k likes. Hardly 10 to 20% of us are voting, wake up we don't get such good mentor.

kiran Chouhan says:

Bank Nifty bhi thoda details me btaiye sir …,


Excellet Sirji

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