Weekly Option Expiration Strategy Using SPY ETF

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http://theoptionguru.com/blog This video demonstrates, using the OnDemand feature of the TOS platform, how weekly expiration on the SPY ETF can be profitable. The key is using Person Pivots as the entry indicator.


Mark Pcola says:

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Rainer Rain says:

How many different accounts do you have here on youtube ?
I hear your voice on many different accounts !

What's the deal ?

j parks says:

"option guru"?! Automatic fail. buh-bye

Allen Chan says:

Hi Jeff, I am new to Options Trading. Have gone live account since March this year 2015 and it has been BAD experience all the way, until I viewed your Weekly Expiration using ETFs video. However, I am aware this video dates back to 2010 and since then you have your own blog, which I have subscribed to. I am aware there are many strategies for entries and exits orders, as your new blog now talks about Condors and Butterflies and all that. That of course adds on to my confusion! as well as being in the negative for P/L to date!
I am diligently learning over and over again your 2010 take on trading using PPS indicator.
Should I continue with this study and have you an update on this style of trading? I am NOT after big gains, but steady, consistent positive credits, just as you have espoused in your 2010 video. Cheers.

Jay “Bimme223” Johnson says:

his Profit/Loss (P/L YTD) IS negative. This strategy was not profitable. Don't be fooled by the P/L Day as it doesn't take into account the loss over the year it only shows how much profit was made that single day

J Manstein says:

You don't talk about trade managment at all.  What do you plan on doing WHEN the trade goes against you?  One unmanaged trade will eat up 8 or so positive trades.  If the trade begins to go bad, do you roll out?  Down?  Open an opposite trade (bull put v bear call)?  Close early at a pre-selected amount?


semiramis says:

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Steve Kaldi says:

How in the world did the binary option scammers get here ???????????

Miguel Contreras says:

Excellent presentation. Thanks a lot.
Because you are a good teacher, I wish you can prepare a new video talking about adjusting.
Please let me know when you  post that request.

Jhun Dela Cruz says:

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John Frost says:

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HH Holiness says:

Great!! Where to find the video course about Trading as a business?

havier solomon says:

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Tina M. Caldwell says:

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C L says:

Guys, this is picking up pennies in front a steam roller.

Selling a high amount of OTM contracts (10) just to bring the returns up to something sensible (200$) while at the same time exposing yourself to the leverage of OTM options going against you at a 1800$ loss is just non-existent risk management. You'd need to do 9 of these trades to make 1800$ and yet only a single trade going against you would wipe out all those previous trades. Risking 10 times the capital of the reward is just a bad ratio. You're much better off going closer to the money for a bigger premium and hoping instead that you're actually right in direction/time along with delta-hedging via the underlying if you aren't.

theoptionguru says:

Yes. But, it's not always simple. If it was, I would simply put a stop-loss on it, but I make a judgement call that depends on various factors – why too ambiguous to define here. You would need to follow my trades if you want to try and get into my head. Good luck, because I am not always totally there! 😉

kento1957 says:

So the way you manage losses on these is to simply close them as soon as they go negative?

MrMaier3000 says:

Do you have to close the position or can you just let the position expire?

theoptionguru says:

I'd rather not lose a ton of money than let the statistics play out. I think that if I exit for a small loss the statistics have played out if I'm looking at winners vs losers. With a 20:1 risk:reward ratio trade, I need 20 winners to one loser if I let it play out – better to get out early.

theoptionguru says:

It's now the Trading Pro system and you can find the link on my blog at theoptionguru-dot-com.

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