Weekly Option Selling Strategy | Theta Gainers | Expiry 18th Feb 2021

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Nifty weekly option selling strategy for next week for expiry 18th feb 2021.

Weekly Option Selling Strategy | Theta Gainers | Expiry 18th Feb 2021


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Kais Shaikh says:

What is percentage IV and IV in Opstra ??

Ray Ch says:

First of all I love your channel after PR Sundar and tastytrade.

Can you explain about this hedging, how and when you took the trade and when did you hedge it. Because it looks like you took the trade of hedge ATM. So you limited the losses.

But if you explain it, I would love it.

krishna gupta says:

Plzzz make a video on that


actually u bought two lot in one side feb 25 calender hedge

Alok Misra says:

This is the only channel in YT which I keep speed 1x…

RaviK says:

Can we use same strategy every week? Even vix is low?

ThatDubaiNRI says:

Content absolutely good 👍

But in all videos why do u keep on coughing ?

Disha Raina says:

How much you are coughing 😷
Take care

Rajat Asthana says:

I did not get how the margin for above strategy is less than 2 lakhs. If i try to only sell NIFTY 15750 calls 2 lots it gives a margin value of 2.04 lakh.
Can u please once show how margin value works.

Tiktok Star says:

Aapne hazaro strategy bata di…Magar use kaun si krna hai jo kuch profit bhi de …..Aapke channel ka theta to bhag raha hai hamara bhi kuch karao bhaya

Om prakash Dansana says:

Very tricky…

L C says:

No need of calendar hedge…better to sell naked….

Irshad S says:

we knew that u r passionate about giving training..Ur health is also very important than anything.

krishna murthytv says:

Sir, after execution of the positions tomorrow (after taking your actual positions) when this positions to be exited

Md Aziz says:

Sir you are great….Your content is always time great…

Harshit tahlani says:

Woh toh expiry ke din na 25th ko 18th ko mtm iv badhne pe loss hi hoga … 5:30

anjan kumar says:

Just need a suggestion..After taking positions, few days back in banknifty, it became very tough to exit position safely for some positions because buyer/seller keeps their ask price at much lower or higher prices than LTP. So, can u please suggest to keep above trade till expiry ? or how to exit safely.

bhavin shah says:

Good for learning 👍

Riyaazrb says:

First comment

Mayank Sardana says:

Thank you for guidance 🙌

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