Weekly Update (12/03/17) | Bitcoin surges towards $12,000

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AskingBitcoin DotCom says:

Thank you for the great video!

Lokesh Madan says:

Hey Nick – great job, love your videos. Could you also do a video on what kind of safety measures one could take for one's crypto portfolio? Would love to understand what strategy you use. Could be extremely helpful for your followers. Thanks again! 🙂

David Percival says:

IOTA <#4 and almost 3.65!!!

Jake S says:

Guys i need help with sell orders and buy orders any help would be great

jeremy delgado says:

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axegrinder01 says:

Because we have to get into the cryptocurrency using bitcoin, should we wait until the correction, before we come in and buy other currency.

Stephon Proctor says:

When he says he has his stops in place, does that suggest he maintains a set amount on exchanges in case the value decreases to much? I ask because it seems contrary to most people’s recommendations to not keep your tokens on exchanges.

suddenspiral says:

Another great video, Nick. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the community. As you mentioned briefly, it would be great if you could do a video at some stage covering basic trading strategies like increasing your stops, etc. Would definitely help us crypto novices 🙂

a64750 says:

Hedge funds, day traders, speculators now control Butcorn. No safety no security means no ubiquity

Tim Masingham says:

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Tori Whyte says:

Would love to see a more in depth video on how to put those safety measures in place, and how to play BTC long term but apply some trading strategy. Thanks Nick!!

Daniel Ricardo says:

Hey Nick, do you have any thoughts on electroneum and there recent price movement and future press releases?

eddie toro says:


Chris Cas says:

what safety methods? limit orders on an exchange that will probably crash when fear and panic starts kicking in? lol

Riccardo Magliocchi says:

Nick, how do you put a stop order in Bitrex?

Crypto McCarthy says:

Nick, as usual an awesome video!!! Thank you so much for researching this and informing us. I didn't know about Charles Hoskinson's white board video. Looking forward to listening to that. Really appreciate everything you do!

Erica Bowers says:

I personally like Coinbase for buying crypto. the app is suuper user friendly but I wish Robinhood would eventually support crypto though (my regular stocks app). They also are doing a referral code promo where we both get free bitcoin if u sign up with my link: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a21fe4b9366340320ad09bd you do have to fully verify your account and put at least 100$ in. I am in all 3 on Coinbase: ETH, BTC, and LTC.

TheWitherinRiser says:

How can you expect a 50% correction on BTC with all the fantastic news and media attention BTC is getting? I could see it maybe hitting the 100 or 50 day moving average but that's it.

TheWitherinRiser says:

How will CME futures help Bitcoin? You don't even need to buy BTC to trade futures…

TheWitherinRiser says:

TA has been rendered worthless on BTC? How's that even possible? I thought technical analysis was especially important at ATH's.

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