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What is a stock market crash? In this video, I will be covering an example of what a stock market crash looks like by analyzing what happened with Yahoo stock back in the early 2000s. Everyone likes to talk about the upside of the stock market, but in this video we will be talking about the potential downside and the risk involved with following the herd.

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Ryan Scribner says:

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TheMightyHarihar says:

Look at tobacco stocks right now (British American Tobacco and Imperial Brands), that is a crash.

Ryan Murphy says:

Whats a speculative bubble in one word?

Eki Rasche says:

Wait a few days and you´ll see.

Justin Sandolph says:

Am glad I subcibe

Nico Z says:

Would you buy Sprint? P.e. of 3

Diane Randolph says:

Excellent video!

T Naylz says:

Ryan do you have any videos discussing the pros and cons of investing in gold stocks or efts? (SGOL, IAU, GLD, etc) if so plz post the link to that video.

I heart them Cat vids says:

By your definition, so many stocks are in a bubble right now. Amazon, tesla, FB, Netflix, etc. I believe when Amazon (golden boy of the market) crashes, it’ll have a domino effect and it will pop the rest of the bubbles. Hence a market crash.

LampOfMagic says:

u really improved your quality of your videos! i like it!
i mean u always had good content before this. i dont mean you didnt have good content before.

hookybricks hooky says:

I‘m investing now for 2 1/2 years in the stock market and it‘s way too soon to know what my investing decisions are worth but I try to stick with Peter Lynch who wrote that he always avoids the hottest stock of the hottest market. Party’s are nice but one does not want to be around anymore when the party is over and you have to deal with the mess that’s left behind.

Bas Relou says:

This sounds a lot like Tesla to me. And in PE talk a bit like Amazon.

Silver66 says:

Great video Ryan!!! By the way, is there a P/E ratio number, or range of numbers, that identifies a stock at "fair value"?


Lemonade stand got any grapes? lol ??

Check out the duck song if you haven’t seen it.

Great video editing by the way, I like the different angles and backgrounds

Ruthless Bone says:

I'm wishing Amazon will dip down to 100 dollars a share (which most likely it won't happen lol) so I can buy 30 shares and be in 6 figures lol.

1610 says:

I like the new editing, keep it up ?

princessdiamond123 says:

?⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️?????Great explanations ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️????

Highvoltage Poker says:

Ryan, at 630: how much time does that process take, min and max that captures 75% of the bell curve. Also, how about a video on Toys-r-us. How do we spot a company that is drowning? Did wall street know Toys-r-us was going out last year? I have almost become numb to the word bankruptcy now. I almost see it as a company tool to cut debt, break promises (like pensions), and increase profits (example United Airways).

Hamish Hodder says:

Very thorough explanation Ryan!

not2L8T 4U says:

I rewatch your segment about stocks that grow too quickly. MULE grew over 30% in 1 day and it's still gaining now. I trade through robinhood so I cannot buy at this time. My panic is manic. This video is exactly what I needed to calm the hell down.

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